Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring is Here!

Phew! Clearly since I'm back in training now, I'm going to have to return to more frequent updates. Spring is late in the season here in sunny San Diego. I've been soaking up the sunshine before "May Gray" sets in (or my version...Tourist Season). Everything is in full bloom (flowers and allergies, included), and the sky has been busy with circles of swallows making dizzying sweeps chasing insects in the sky. Anyway, A lot has been happening!

First off, congrats to everyone racing these past few weeks. The Boston Marathon was two weeks ago. Last weekend, Spring Sprint officially kicked off the season in San Diego in Mission Bay (if you don't count CA 70.3 and Superseal). Congrats to everyone who raced Wildflower as well. I'm envious of you guys. I was forced to sit this one out due to illness. Grrr. Finally, good luck to everyone doing Ironman Utah this weekend. It was my favorite Ironman. Don't let them scare you. The course is actually not that bad (snickering). No matter what, enjoy the course. It's absolutely stunning.

(Anyone interested in my Ironman Utah race report can find it here:

On a personal note, I'm finally getting back into training after a 2-week layoff due to illness. Sound familiar? I found out, again, that I'm not Superwoman. (What? I'm not?) Apparently, I can't race RAGNAR and a half marathon the same weekend without paying the consequences. Although I had a great time at both races, I woke up Tuesday morning with an extremely sore throat. The ice 2 baths I had subjected myself to in the name of "recovery" had done a fantastic job in quelling the aching in my quads. However, it had done nada for my immune system. As a scientist, I had read the research revealing that a person is more susceptible to common colds 72-hours after a long run. (Part of me suspects the random water bottle I picked up by a public restroom in Spanish Landing Park during the 3rd leg of RAGNAR). Anecdotally, I can attest that this research is true.

The old me would have raced Wildflower anyway, irrespective of a full-blown sinus infection and antibiotics. But what would have been the point? I've done this before. I raced CA 70.3 in 2007 (my first half IM) with a bad cold and ended up with a sinus infection so severe that it took 8 weeks of antibiotics, prednisone, and misery to overcome it. I learned my lesson. It's better to lose the battle and live to fight another day. I have Rock 'n Roll Marathon and some 50Ks on the docket this season. Those are my A races this season. I decided to bow out of Wildflower (the race director gave me event credit for next year with a doctor's note). It was a very difficult decision for me. However, what would be the point of all my previous illnessess if I didn't learn from them? So, begrudgingly, I cancelled my plans and stayed in bed.

It took 2 weeks to fully recover but I feel 100% this week, and workouts are back in full swing. I'm working on my training plan. I've been flying without a net this season and feel sort of lost without my ole' trusty training plan. I can safely say that the Prep period is over. I'm ready for training. Rock 'n Roll Marathon is in a month (gulp). I have an 18-mile run Sunday. It will be the test of truth. Wish me luck.

Killing it on the bike at Superseal in March.

Having fun on the run at Superseal.

Team DNR after finishing RAGNAR SoCal.

Running the Painted Rocks Half Marathon at Lake Hodges 2 weeks ago the day after Ragnar SoCal.

And finally, a sample of one of my sketches from the Shelter Dog Project I'm working on.

"Stray Boxer" N681
copyright 2011 Rachel's Animal Art
This sweet Boxer is one of the many great dogs available at the North County Animal Shelter in San Diego.


CVSURF said...

Sorry to hear about your illness. Great report on Ragnar. I was hoping you would give a report on Painted Rocks. I didnt get to do it but I heard some good things. Plus it looks like the Dirt Devil Trail Races are going to give some of the older races a run for their money.

Chris and Amy said...

Glad you're feeling better. That drawing is awesome. I hope the boxer finds a good home. Boxers always seem to be cuddle bugs. I too am struggling without a training plan. Part of this is because I know a move is coming up and I don't have anything on my race calendar until January! Yikes! Stay healthy! Amy

Unknown said...

Glad you are feeling better. Two weeks is a long time to be down and out! And you made the right decision with Wildflower. That's awesome that they gave you a credit for a race next year!

That drawing is amazing!