Friday, January 18, 2008

How to Go on a Cruise--Amateur Tri Girl Style

My reaction to a free cruise Jason's job offered us was atypical for most but pretty normal for a crazy triathlete training for her first Ironman.

Phase 1 (Denial)--Flat out refuse that you will go on the cruise.

Phase 2 (Anger)--Bitch and moan that you will be missing too much training.

Phase 3 (Bargaining)--Take a little extra time off work and wake up extra early the morning you have to leave to squeeze in a "short" 50 mile ride. (Since when did a 50 mile ride become short?)

Phase 4 (Depression)--Cry when you realize you have to leave your bike at home. (Poor Torch will be lonely! You mean I can't see him for TWO ENTIRE DAYS?!) Cry some more when you are not allowed to bring your wetsuit so you can practice some open water swimming alongside the ship. (Afterall, we're going to be IN the ocean. It seems almost ridiculous NOT to go for a swim, doesn't it?)

Phase 5 (Acceptance)--Change your training schedule so that cruise weekend is a recovery week. (Good thing since it looks like I missed my last 2 anyway). Rearrange your training so you get your key workouts done earlier in the week. Call ahead and make 100% sure that the cruise ship does, in fact, have a gym with weights and a treadmill. Pack accordingly (running shoes & shorts, swim suit, goggles cap (just in case), Yoga strap, foam roller). I may not have a ton of clothes and make up but boy, those running shoes and foam roller sure take up a lot of space!


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I've read there are lots of opportunities for exercise on a cruise. I think the real problem is that there are even more opportunities for eating.

Good luck and have fun!

SM said...

When your on a cruise its all about the food, and lots of it.

Wes said...

Tis the mark of Iron... The ability to adapt and overcome (and incidentally a marine as well :-)

Benson said...

Hey, doesn't sound so bad.
Enjoy the freebies.

Rainmaker said...

See...this is the best of both worlds. You've got UNLIMITED food, and UNLIMITED ability to run in circles around the deck on the jogging track. You could do it like one of those 24-hour races. 1 hour running, 15 minutes at the buffet. Rinse with water...and repeat.

Cliff said...


There was a pic where Lisa Bentley was riding her bike (on a trainer) facing the sea. You can do that too :).

Anonymous said...

Hilarious... and so true. I feel the same way about going on vacations.