Friday, November 02, 2007

The Aftermath

After my last race of the season, I've been taking it easy. The heat really took its toll, and I had to wait for my body tell me it felt "normal" again. Monday and Tuesday I suffered from loss of appetite and insomnia, exactly the opposite of what I was supposed to be doing. By Wednesday, I started getting my appetite back again, and now, I can't stop eating and sleeping! I'm steadily bouncing back and feeling more normal. I can't wait to start training again.

November will be unstructured training--my "off" season (just 1 month--that's okay b/c I had early summer off too when I was sick). I'll come out of my hibernation next week and hit the pool, ocean, and canyons for some much-needed mtn biking. This week, I used the down-time as an opportunity to see my doctors--the podiatrist about my foot (some mild peroneal tendonitis, which just needs a little more rest and some orthotics for the future) and my internist about my IBS (exactly how can I stress my body to the limits and not have GI upset, doc?). (Btw, turns out my podiatrist also treats Meb Keflezighi --you know--one of the fastest marathoners in the world! Guess I went to the right place.) I've also scheduled an appt. with a nutritionist who specializes in triathlon and a video-taping swim clinic for triathletes. For running, I think it's time I join the San Diego Track Club. Now that I've made such gains in my limiters, I can focus again on running; since it's my strength, I have the biggest gains to make in this area. And this is what I do to treat myself to some fun!?

I've already been studying Ironman training plans, taking notes, sketching some rough drafts, and signing up for training half-marathons and century rides. I've been researching the Arizona course and know I need wind training on the bike and heat training on the run. December will commence the beginning of Ironman Arizona training. After my drawn-out chronic sinus infection following CA 70.3, I was concerned about how I'd feel after this half-ironman. However, I've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I seem to be recovering. I have gained some much-needed confidence. Not only that, but I feel mentally fresh and physically strong, something I've never felt at the "end" of the season before. I'm ready. I think this is my reward for being conservative with my racing and training this season. I can't wait to start training again! What's wrong with me?


Beth said...

glad you're starting to return to normal...let me know if you need any San Diego Track Club info/advice- i'm on their women's open team and the club is rad!

Anonymous said...

Ive been doing the same thing. I am going to take another week off and then get going again for IMAZ. I was the exact opposit as you. I was dead for 2 days. Legs were sore for 4 days! Happy training!


JeffM said...

After reading what you went through at Soma, you can handle IM Arizona no problem. Congratulations and hope you're back stronger than ever!

Sara said...

It is good to hear that you are recovering well. I can't wait to hear about what the nutrionist suggests for you as an future Ironman!

jameson said...

congrats on a good end to the season. Rest up and getting for the IMAZ training.

Cliff said...


Keep the desire to train bottle up..u will need it next year :)..

don't worry..u will train till your heart (or your legs) content.

One aspect i like IM is i get a reason to go ride long :D..