Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Top 10 Things I've Done This Week

1. Substituted exercise in favor of eating rotisserie chicken with my bare hands and an ice cream sundae (with a spoon).
2. Tried to go to bed earlier only to toss and turn for 2 hours.
3. Stubbed my toe on the desk so hard that I fell to the ground, writhing and moaning for 5 minutes, totally freaking out Babs. (I have barely a bruise to show for the torture I endured.)
4. Stuffed myself with chocolate-covered espresso beans only to promptly fall asleep on the sofa at 8 p.m. for a 2-hour nap.
5. Held an emergency bonding session after Babs went psycho and attacked both Oscar and poor little Taz.
6. Enthusiastically cleaned the apartment and threw out garbage while Taz ran up and down the hallway (highlight of my day).
7. Had nightmares all night that the temperature of the water bath where I was incubating my ligations overnight was too high.
8. Broke out in itchy lesions all over my body. Again.
9. Buried my nose in Taz's fur and "blew bubbles" while he comfortingly licked my nose.
10. Gave up putting on make-up for lab in the hopes that people will notice how "tired" I look and take pity on me instead of judging me for coming in late (even though I go home so late every night).


Kevin said...

Wow...sounds like a very eventful week.

Didnt you get your hive's checked out a while back...what did they tell you that you were allergic to...shrimp?

even if your lab doesnt feel pity for your tiredness, I do...hang in there.

Rachel said...

I did get the hives checked's not shrimp. They don't know what it is and can't figure it out. Neither can I. They just keep giving me drugs to keep the hives away and as soon as I go off the drugs, the hives come back.

Kevin said...

wow...that really stinks.