Friday, October 21, 2005

Nip/Tuck for Babs

Well, I brought Babs into the vet today. Her urethra was very inflamed and she's well on her way to getting another UTI. She never healed properly from her attack, and her vulva is twisted, causing her to pee on herself. Poor Pee Pee Girl. Since this has become a chronic problem, the vet suggested another surgery to straighten out her vulva and center her urethra. She's also going to remove some of the excess scar tissue around the area. She called it plastic surgery for bunnies. I thought that was amusing. Babs was sent home after a butt bath and shave with 14 more days of antibiotics (and a vet bill). She leapt into my arms twice at the vet's office and nipped my jacket fiestily afterwards. She's so spunky. She goes in for surgery on Tuesday. Taz will keep her company. I'm optimistic. It's minor surgery, and she's a tough girl. I'm glad we can take care of this problem so she can get back to having a normal life.

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