Monday, October 10, 2005

sore and tired

I'm so tired today. I'm trying to get up earlier. Plus, I think I've been exercising too much. I keep forgetting I'm out of shape and try to do the volume I used to do. Ugh. It's frustrating. I can't handle 2 workouts a day yet. I'm very sore. At least I'm exercising again. Friday, I had an awesome 4-mile run outside. Later that night, I did weights. Saturday, I got up early and cleaned bunny cages for 3 hours at the House Rabbit Society. That's always a workout, let me tell you! Then, I made myself go to the pool and swam for 45 minutes--yea! Sunday, I was exhausted and missed my morning bike ride for more sleep. By Sunday night, I forced myself onto the bike trainer for an hour in front of Desperate Housewives, and then ran on the treadmill for half-an-hour. My calves hurt today. Plus, I'm tired. I love exercising but I don't want to burn-out or get injured.
Lab is frustrating too. I feel like I'll never get done everything I need to do. I'm in panic mode because I have more experiments than one person can handle to do. Plus, I don't have the freedom a post-doc does yet so I still have to do everything my mentor wants, even if I don't agree. I can't wait for San Diego. I keep focusing on how good it will feel to be done.


Mon said...

have you begun a countdown to finishing up yet? Or, is it too far off?

CellNinja said...

You need to RELAX! You're thin and you're not fat at all. so just take your time getting back into shape. You'll get there I know you will. It just takes time, Rachel.

As for lab, you're doing good! You already have alot of your thesis done :) Me, i just have an aim page :P

Have some cupcakes and coke lines and it'll all be ok :D

Rachel said...

Mon...I finish on Dec. 20th. I hope to be arriving permanently in San Diego by Christmas Day.

Cellninja...Thanks for the encouraging words. It's hard...everything is hard. You are doing great too, by the way.