Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Weekend

I had a great weekend. It was very busy but also a lot of fun. Thursday, my friends took me out and treated me to a very nice sushi, birthday dinner. Friday, I was out of town for a retreat with my fellow grad students. Out in the boondocks somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I presented my stuff in front of everyone (including my committee chair) on Saturday (for the second time that week), which was great practice. Came home, got ready, and went out Saturday night for Halloween (see pics below).
We went to the street party in the CWE. Everyone was dressed up. It was awesome. This one girl was a giant, air-filled penis and balls. She was jumping around and very animated. It was hilarious. The BLT got a ton of attention. They were all jumping around and body-slamming each other. I got a lot of attention too. Some guys said something like, "Take it off, baby!" I just turned around and gave them a hard stare, and they totally backed off. The best comment I got was, "Are those real." "Yup. My dad has them. His dad has them..." What idiots.
We were getting very cold as the temperature began to drop (especially the Playboy bunnies) so we walked down the street to Club Viva!, which is this awesome dance club. I danced with everyone there, and learned a few salsa dance steps, trying not to trip with my 3"-heeled boots. When Viva closed, we made our way back to a friend's apartment (above mine so very convenient) and continued the dance party until about 4 a.m. Needless to say, I didn't do very much on Sunday. Except sleep off a hangover. Hope everyone else had a blast too!


Mon said...

sounds like a fun wknd! You look pretty creepy with those contacts! ACK!

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah it was a good time. Just wish that Viva hadn't had such a rediculous cover!