Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crossing off the List

So far today, much better. I'm being very productive. Last night, I had a terrific run and a longer than expected vegetative recovery state on the sofa. Later, after way too much chocolate and cookies, I coaxed myself into a very intense weight lifting session. I'm sore today so I know it worked! Then, I was able to pick up the apartment and even iron! I finished it off with some relaxing and stretching Yoga. I went to bed earlier and slept much better. Is it a sign that I'm getting old if these little things make me happy?
I woke up early for me this morning by setting my alarm in the bathroom to the radio and letting myself gradually wake up. I had time to pick up a package, a prescription, and go grocery shopping! I'm hoping to do lots more today. If I can get it all done, I'll be a happy girl.
Lab is going well. I've been "given" a technician to help me with my experiments, which frees me up to work on my thesis! I love my P.I.! This is awesome! Anyway, I have three presentations in 2 weeks to get my ass in gear for. They're right around my birthday, which I'm dreading (more than usual) this year. Ugh. I'm just not going to think about it.

Best moment of my day yesterday: Having time to go for an afternoon run on a perfect St. Louis fall day.

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Kevin said...

It is not a sign of aging to enjoy those little is a sign that you are so stinkin' busy, that when you finally get to accomplish that stuff it is a relief...i experience that same feeling.

Thats great that you have help with your experiments now.