Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. Below my belly button on my lower abdoment. Small, simple, mostly black. I like tribal animals. I'm really drawn to scorpions since I'm a Scorpio. I like the three pictured below. Which one is your favorite?


Chris said...

Tribal tattoos are cool! Personally, I like the second one the best. It is a very cool design. It would probably lose some of its detail if it were real small though.

How about designing your own? Then you would have something unique. Have you looked at Chinese symbols? I got a Chinese symbol on my upper back and I love the way it looks.

You said "another" tattoo. What kind of tattoo is the one that you already have?

Rachel said...

i'm kind of leaning towards the dragon too. I'd like to give the tattoo artist some ideas and see what they come up with. I know I want it smallish b/c the one on my back (blue siamese fighting fish) is huge.

Kevin said...

I like the moth/butterfly looking tatoo.