Sunday, June 17, 2007

Every little bit

I finished another solid week of training. I am kicking my ass right now. Every workout wipes me out. I keep forgetting how much fitness I've lost after 10 weeks of rest. However, I'm having a lot of fun. Just trying to get it done. Every little bit counts. It just feels so good to be out there doing it and enjoying it. Plus, I love that it only takes me an hour to get a solid workout in as opposed to the 3 hour+ bike rides that I was doing. There are some benefits to being out of shape! Mainly how quickly you start to gain fitness.

Monday and Tuesday were rest days. I got a massage and some much needed recovery from the week before.
Wednesday, I ran with a new running group. They go fast and push me so it's a great tempo/speed workout mid-week. Afterwards, I lifted weights. I've also been stretching a lot.
Thursday, I swam after work. I need to join a masters swim group again so I can get this over with in the morning. I had a solid swim but only lasted 40 minutes before my form began to deteriorate. After dinner, I hopped on the trainer for a short 30 minute ride.
Friday, I did weights and a fun, little recovery 4 mile run with a friend from work.
Saturday, I felt very sore and tired. Even though I did so little, I felt like I was bordering on overdoing it. Can I seriously be this out of shape? Anway, I settled for a late afternoon, short 15-mile ride. Then, I got an urge to get into the ocean and ran down to the beach for a sunset swim.

I had forgotten how crowded it gets in the summer at La Jolla Shores. I keep forgetting it's summer. I remember in January having to psych myself up to get in with a wetsuit, booties and hoodie. It sucked. I keep expecting the chill of the water to shock me but I was hot in the sand with my wetsuit. The air temp was about 70 and the water temp felt like upper 60s. Amazing what 10 degrees difference makes. I only swam for a little bit before hopping out. Every little bit counts. Then, I shed my wetsuit and ran back in. The water felt like silk around my skin. I love swimming sans wetsuit! It's so freeing. I hopped out over the waves past all the surfers and swimmers. It felt so quiet and peaceful. I bobbed gently with the surf and watched the sun peak through the evening clouds rolling in. The water sparkled like it was on fire where the rays hit the ocean. Pelicans dove into the water like missiles, fishing in the setting sunlight. Everything felt just right. That's when it hit me that summer was here. And even though the beaches were crowded, all I needed was enough room for my bag. Being able to jump into the ocean in just a swimsuit was worth it. And I could find solace just a couple hundred feet off shore, where few dare to venture. I felt so cleansed when I got out. Now, if only I get all the sand out of the shower...

Sunday, my running group and I ran the 8 mile Low Tide Ride 'N Stride from Imperial Beach to Coronado on the Silver Strand State Beach. It's a great annual event held at the lowest tide of the year. Part of the run goes on the beach by the Naval Seal base, which is normally closed to civilians but they open it up for this run, which makes it way cool. Not a lot of people do it either, so it's very serene and meditatitive. Not only that, but the sand is glittery and gold as if someone smeared body paint all over. Only thing, I forgot how hard it is to run 8 miles in the sand! Mentally, it's tough too because it's just you and the sand and the ocean with nothing changing for miles and miles so it feels like you're getting nowhere. I just took my time and had fun with the group. Afterwards, we enjoyed a big breakfast at a local eatery in Coronado. I had a great omelett, latte, and fruit. Yum.

Then, we went back to the beach and I jumped in--no wetsuit again. The waves were big and there was a red tide, which apparently is safe for swimmers. Guess I'll find out. I didn't realize how choppy it was until I got out. After the breakers, I spotted a buoy about 1/4 mile out and decided to go for out. The current was in the absolute opposite direction, and I was getting pushed and pulled every which way. I did a lot of alternating breaststroke and freestyle to keep my bearings but I made it. Coming back was a lot easier. I tried to body surf in but the wave broke wrong (and they were big!) and I was right in front of it as it broke. I tried to position myself correctly and shut my eyes and held my breath. It pummeled me, and I got knocked for a loop. I felt like I was in the spin cycle of a washing machine. All I could see was froth. I wasn't sure which way was up. I stood up and realized the ocean had stolen my goggles and a contact. Have I mentioned how much I HATE contacts? I had to drive home with one eye shut. Anyway, despite my messy reentry, I still had a blast and felt very relaxed after I got out.


Jodi said...

I love getting tossed by the waves! Losing goggles... not so much. Glad your spirits are back up and you're enjoying your workouts!


Unknown said...

Wow, sounds like some wonderful workouts. Especially the swims. I wish I could jump in the ocean for swims...kind of a long drive for me.

I had a wave pin me to the bottom coming out of the water during the Pacific Coast Tri back in 2003. Felt like I had been run over by a truck. Gives you an appreciation for the power of the ocean.

Great job, and I'm glad you are feeling better.