Friday, September 29, 2006

Another busy week...

Well I guess the 'roids are working (thyroid, that is). I'm officially doping. I can't believe how much better I've been feeling these past few weeks. I got a trim yesterday, and the stylist couldn't believe how much my hair had grown since the last time I'd seen him. He thought it was freakish. I take it as a good sign.

Monday was a day off. I was so sore from climbing the mountain and the dreadful 12 mile Penasquitos Canyon run Sunday, plus the snorkeling with the leopard sharks off La Jolla Shores in crazy, white-cap, choppy water.

Tuesday, we did our first club track workout. It was AWESOME. I was so sore afterwards though. It didn't help that I was sore when I started too. My legs felt like jello. We did a warm-up mile easy. 1 lap of "strides" which I later learned was just a quick, acclerating pace where you sprint on the long sides and shorten on the short sides. Then, we paired up and did a "baton" relay. We each ran 1 lap with the baton while the other partner rested before handing off the baton and letting our partner go. We did this 4x each before switching partners and repeating for a total of 3 sets (12x or 3 miles). It was great! I nearly died the 3rd lap, right off the bat, but felt stronger and stronger as I kept going. I was able to cut time off and then maintain it (fastest 1:15, avg 1:30, slowest 2:00). I guess all that base training really helped. Plus, it was a great way to meet people.

Wednesday, I did my own thing. A great free-weight session followed by a solid tempo ride on the trainer while watching re-runs of Lost. It's my first time. My sister got me into it. It's actually quite a captivating show they got going on.

Thursday, I eeked in a quick pool swim at the gym next to where I work. It's a cute, little gym that I recently "discovered." It's very well hidden and small so not a lot of people use it. I like having a whole pool to myself, even if it is only 4 lanes and 25 yards instead of meters. I did sprints followed by a solid 500m "endurance" set. I love sprints (well, okay--100m, not 200s, 200s suck)! They make me feel fast, even if I do want to puke by the end.

Friday, I snuck in a 4 mile run before rushing off to the cove for a swim with the tri club. Not a lot of people showed up. I guess the whole fall, less daylight, colder water, end-of-the-season, school-has-started thing. I went in anyway. FREEZING! It was 70 on Sunday (snuggly) and 60 today (ack!). Plus, the swells were huge. I swam out with a group to the first 1/4 mile buoy. Then, everyone else went back in b/c it was too cold and choppy. Wusses. I felt good at this point. Afterall, I was wearing my suit of armor er, wetsuit. So I kept going. Made it to the 3rd buoy. Swam towards the Shores a bit before turning back.

I always feel like going back is harder than going out. It was getting dark, and at this point, I realized I was all alone. Out there all by myself, in the middle of the great big ocean, with lots of waves. Ugh. I just kept swimming at this point. The whole swimming-in-the-ocean-in-the-dark thing still really freaks me out. I conjure "things" in my head and they "appear." A dark shape beneath. What was that!? The play of shadows on a wave next to me....was that another swimmer? Hey! I'm not alone! Wait...Was it....a creature?! AAAAAAHHH! Oh, it was nothing. Okay. I focused on the houses above the cliffs, and focused on slowing my breathing and taking long, slow strokes. I made it back, unscathed (and un-seasick!).

Tomorrow--we have our last long run planned before the big half-marathon next week.
And Sunday--we're biking the Tour de Poway. A hilly 44 mile ride. Yippee!

Somehow, all this activity, and it never feels like enough. Ack. I'm so sore....I like it that way.


Kewl Nitrox said...

Sounds like a fantastic week! You are braver than I am - I wouldn't do a open water swim after dark. :)

JeffM said...

That's a very good week! I've hiked after dark, never swam after dark, have to try it sometime.

Paul said...

Great job on the baton relay. Glad to see you made it out there! That's a brutal workout.

You're a brave soul for swimming late at the cove! I had food poisoning on Friday and couldn't make it out to the potluck and swim. But I'll admit swimming after dark is still kinda freaky. Especially in light of what else is out there. Some baby whites will come up from the deep canyons to cruise the area.

Good work on a big comeback week.