Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm Back

Jeez, time flies. I can't believe how hectic things have been. Here's a recap of last week:

Tuesday 3/21: knee still bothering me; was able to have a terrific 40 min swim
Wednesday 3/22: biked on the trainer for 60 min; felt great
Thursday 3/23: ran outside 4 miles; knee bothered me a bit; biked 40 min; did Yoga before bed
(My sister came Thursday night. We had such a blast. She just left today (Mon). I was sad to see her go. We played a lot on the beach! The weather was awesome.)
Friday 3/24: My sister and I lifted weights. I tried to run on the treadmill but my knee started really bothering me so I cut it short. Ugh. (Erin did the ellipitical for 20 min. Good for her!)
Saturday 3/25: Jason, Erin, and I went sea kayaking in La Jolla Cove. It was way-awesome. I got a great upper body workout too! We saw sea lions (and a baby!), dolphins, pelicans, seals, and swimmers without wetsuits. That's hard-core! It made me want to ditch the kayak and jump in. Out in the kelp beds, Jason and I got a little seasick as the tide began to came in so we made our way back to shore. I had to fight the waves and my stomach the whole time. It sucked. Finally, I just led the tide carry me in, right into some huge rocks. I dumped it, right on top of a slippery rock...and a big, flopping, pissed-off fish. I think we both were okay. It sucked dragging the kayak back to the drop-off point, but it was better than losing my breakfast. Jason and Erin both dumped it too so we all got a good dunking. I would love to do it again...after popping a Dramamine. I slept the rest of the day, fighting my stomach and my head. I have had wicked headaches lately.
Sunday 3/26: We all did some shopping. I was exhausted so Jason and Erin played b-ball while I napped. I still felt under the weather and was still fighting the headaches.
Monday 3/27: We all had a great picnic on the beach in Del Mar. The weather was soooo nice. The tide was at a record low so Erin and I went tide pooling while Jason got a sunburn. We saw sea anemones, crabs, hermit crabs, and collected really cool (empty) shells.

It was sad to see Erin go (see pic above; I added a link to her blog on the title). Time to get back to life. I have been feeling like crap. My head hurts all the time, and I'm really tired. I've decided to finally suck it up and go to the doc. I gotta figure out what's going on so I can get back on track. I hate not feeling myself. It also really interferes with my training. Maybe it's my thyroid. My whole family has low thyroid so that's what I'm thinking. Or, maybe I'm coming down with a cold. Jason said he didn't feel well tonight. Whatever it is, it needs to go away.


jameson said...

you are busy. yeah... the tri club races are awesome. i did my first beginner's race this past october and that's when i became addicted to triathlon. there is a beginners race on 4/9 (300yd swim/12 mile bike/2mile run). it would probably be a good warm up for the spring sprint (i am doing the spring sprint too).

Fizzgig said...

Sounds like you had a great visit with your sister! Kayaking sounds really cool!!!!! To be that close to all that nature! Jealous!

Cliff said...

Glad u have fun with your sis....

Get some good rest. :)

Guernsey Man said...

Sore sore sore, triathlon training does not equal b-ball legs.

Rachel said...

Guernsey man,

Phew! I was humbled after my b-ball experience. way fun though! odd how I can bike up Mt. Soledad but am sore after a few lay-ups.

Kewl Nitrox said...

What a cool weekend. I remember in my younger days, some of my buddies would get seasick on the boat out and hurl chunks into the sea before we started the dive. The fish were never annoyed though, it fact it became a morning feeding. (sic) Gauranteed loads of fishes on our dive trips.

Hope that knee gets betta and that you start feeling betta too. Maybe try some squads without weights to build strength in em knees?

God Speed!