Monday, April 17, 2006

Return to bike commuting and pool

I decided to try biking the commute in to lab today since my ribs were feeling so much better. However, being exhausted with achy quads, I dreaded the one short but steep hill I would have to get up by UCSD park. Sniff, sniff, whine, whine. To avoid this, I went in the opposite direction to hook up with Gilman Dr., ensuring that my entire route would be uphill. Plus, I ended up almost doubling my mileage from 3.6 miles to 6. Instead of 15-20 minutes, it took me 45. I'm such an idiot. You can see my routes below: (smart) (dumb)

After lab, I mustered up the energy to get in the pool and brave the waters for the first time in 2 weeks. Rib ached just a little but only for the first few minutes. I swam for 45 minutes! I had to take a lot of breaks but I was able to swim a lot farther. I had kind of a breakthrough. I'm so out of shape compared to 2 years ago, I get frustrated that swimming 500 meters is difficult now. Today, since I'd been out of the pool for so long, I had "permission" to be out of shape. Plus, I was being conservative to nurse my rib. Instead of trying to plow through the entire 500, I broke it up into 2x250 sets with a 1 min rest in between. I did it, no problem, and was able to maintain (somewhat) my form throughout! I followed this up with a modified descending set: 2x125, 2x75....etc. I kind of pooped out on the 2nd 75 m. I felt like I was sinking and working hard but going nowhere. I figured I had fatigued and could no longer maintain form despite rest breaks. It had been 45 minutes so I decided it was a good effort, a good 1st return workout, and threw in the towel. I've been exhausted the rest of the night. It was all I could do to clean up the apartment. Grocery shopping will have to wait.


theseamonster said...

Nice easing back into the pool... I had a rib thing over the last few weeks as well and agrevated it with a hard swim.

Cliff said...

You don't learn unless you try.

I always try to find better routes to break the boredom.

As for the swim..ha...i was at the pool last night I swim max two laps then I have to take a break. Ironic that I can ride for hours but can't spend minutes in the pool....need more practice for sure.