Saturday, April 08, 2006

my new station wagon

No, I didn't get a tri bike. Don't have enough dough (or experience) for that...yet. Anyway, I've been meaning to replace my old beater that I used to commute to and from work. It's a Pacific I bought used from Sears 6 years ago. It's way comfortable, and I kind of did it up with new pedals, seat, and a tune-up, but it was like putting a really nice stero in a crappy car. The thing was beginning to rust, and the back wheel was permanently wobbly/loose. It was finally getting unsafe to ride, and the gears were having a hard time shifting, making it a bitch to get up hills.

I'd been putting off replacing it but finally, I visited the local bike shop this afternoon (UC Cyclery, right next-door) just to check it out. I rode a few different bikes and fell in love with the Specialized Sirrus. It's a hybrid that leans towards the road bike side with a flat bar and slightly wider wheels so I could go on light trails if I wanted. I can load it up with stuff using panniers, and I've mounted lights on the front and back for night riding. It's way comfy but still allows me to have enough power to breeze around. Plus, it has a guard on the chainring to keep my street clothes from getting dirty. I totally want to start hopping on it for errands: Blockbuster, groceries, etc. I think it'll make me look forward to errands. I basically want to start using it instead of a car whenever I can. I'm totally psyched about it.


Anonymous said...

Sweet bike!

Cliff said...

I can see the conversation in your house already..

"Honey..i am going out for an errand"
"but we have everything we need"
"I just want to ride."

Habeela said...

Getting a new bike is like buying new shoes! And better yet, it goes with EVERYTHING! :)

Jennifer P said...

Nice choice - I'm a Specialized girl too!

Mon said...

Ugh! Lucky! Take it off any sweet jumps?
(I had to) It sounds nice though, seriously!

Rachel said...

I decided to name it Ghostrider.