Monday, April 10, 2006

carlsbad 5000 race report

I did it! It was way fun. Biggest plus: my knee held up the whole time. Yeah! I was happy b/c it was the first time I ran outside in 4 weeks. My knee feels good today too. Now, I can begin running 3x a week again. I'll still be doing lots of treadmill runs but I can start doing outside runs. I ran pretty slowly. 9 min/miles. Understandable considering my time off and my knee. Jason did awesome. He ran 7:30 min/miles. Go him! The race was very well organized. A huge food vendor court, expo, and beer garden. Awesome t-shirts! Under-Armour technical shirts. Very pretty blue color. There was lots of support along the way. We ran past people's houses with stereos blaring and people on the porches ringing bells. There were also little cheerleaders lining the route and chanting out cheers. It was awesome. Most of the course was along the ocean so I spent a lot of time daydreaming and watching the surfers. I had a good time. I'm definitely doing it again next year (and will hopefully beat my time).


Cliff said...

9 min mile is good..what are u talking about :).oh sorry.i am a ssssllow runner.

Glad your knees held up good.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Yay for happy knees!

More races should offer technical shirts. I'd happily pay more for a non-cotton shirt get's wear beyond race day!

bunnygirl said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your race! And your knees were okay, after all-- how cool is that?

Habeela said...

Congrats! SOunds like you did great! It's always nice when the body cooperates.

Erin Nicole said...

good job rach!

glad to hear your body is back and cooperating!

i need to come out and do a race with you.

Anonymous said...

"I ran pretty slowly. 9 min/miles. Understandable considering my time off and my knee." Wow! After the knee and everything? Another few months you'll prolly be doing 8s, then 7s.