Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Sunday Adventures

Today was a much better day. I put on the new running shoes and braved the canyon run again. I only went 3 miles to be conservative and test out the ole' knee. The shoes were awesome! They're the same shoes I've had, which fit really well, but they're new, and the extra cushioning really made a difference. My knee held up fine; my lungs, well, that's another story. Turns out, the entire way back was uphill. Since I've been confined to the treadmill, the hills were very humbling. I just took my time, focused on form, and decided it would make me stronger. That always helps get up those big hills.

Then, I hopped on Bluebell, and headed to Mission Bay. I took the Rose Canyon Bike Path the entire way in. After crossing Mission Blvd, there were a few sketchy part under some bridges where homeless people had left their carts and stuff, but at least there was no traffic. I continued around the bay, quite pleased with myself that I had been able to find the bike path all the way in. The ride seemed easy. Too easy. I was going 18-20 mph, no problem. I had to shift into the big chain (which my stick legs are usually not strong enough to do), to keep my rpms at 95. Hmmm. The only time that has happened before was when there was a strong tailwind. Sure enough, I would have to fight a wicked headwind the entire way back. Why does the headwind always have to be on the return?

As I swung around Fiesta Island, the crosswinds picked up, buffeting me this way and that. Well, that would explain all the kites, I thought. Everyone was grilling, lounging, playing volleyball, having picnics, surfing, and doing all sorts of fun things. I had a fun time watching as I rode past. The best was the windsurfing, which I've never seen before. These people get on surfboards, and hang onto this huge kite-like-parasail-thing. The wind pulls up the sail like a big kite, dragging the person on the surfboard across the water at alarmingly high speeds. It was really cool.

I had no problem finding my way back to the bike path on the way home (no getting lost at the bottom of Mt. Soledad this time!). The only thing that really ticked me off was two cyclists going in the opposite direction, riding abreast. They refused to ride single-file as they passed me on the very narrow trail. I was almost pushed up against the cyclone fence on the side of the path. I was very angry. I glared at the guy closest to me, even turning my head to continue my glare. I was very close to yelling at him but I held it in. I have to check that bike rage.

Anyway, I made it home unscathed. 26 miles. Not too shabby. I was too beat to try another run afterwards. I'm doing the Devil Dog Duathlon next weekend. I'm a little worried about the 5K run--30K bike--5K run. I know I can do the run or bike or even bike and then run, but both runs? I don't know. The best part was that Jason was home when I got home, and he made a very nice steak dinner for me when I came in...starving.


Cliff said...

This is what biking is all about. Good day and good ride.

Your hubby is the best :). Those guys are so rude. rage :)

Mon said...

Wind surfing does look like so much fun!! Sounds like you had a great ride!

Rachel said...

turns out it was "kite surfing" instead of "windsurfing." Go figure. Crazy Californians.

theseamonster said...

Yeah, but wouldn't it be awesome to grab one of those kites for the odd uphill climb?

Jessi said...

At risk of sounding like an obnoxious geek, it's actually "kiteboarding"...

Isn't it so fun to watch them? It amazes me how much air they get!

Wanna hear a crazy fact about kiteboarders? The most common injury is a ruptured spleen. That's because when they're 40 ft up in the air it's not uncommon for them to freak out a bit and let go of the kite, thereby dropping into the water 40 ft below, and rupturing their spleen. Ouch.