Friday, April 21, 2006

nervous about tomorrow's race

This week has gone by in a hurry. I've been feeling more and more energized about my workouts. I still feel out of shape but better. Plus, all my injuries are healing. My rib is sort of my intensity indicator right now b/c when I push it too hard, it starts to ache.

Summary of week's workouts:
Monday--awesome swim
Tuesday--Torrey Pines 4 mi run; super hard (but knee felt good)
Wednesday--reluctantly took off (rib hurt and very tired)
Thursday--quick 10 mi bike around UTC (ended up being sprints); 4 mi AWESOME treadmill run; 30 min weights

I'm hoping to go for a quick swim in the next hour before going home, eating, doing chores, and getting ready for the race on Saturday morning. I need to lay out everything, write some lists, clean up the bike, and go to bed EARLY. I also plan on doing Yoga tonight.

I'm nervous about tomorrow's race. Between my poorly built endurance, my rib and knee injury, and the distance (5K run--30K bike--5K run), I'm kind of freaked. But I think I can do it if I just take it easy and focus on finishing strong. No PRs. Just slow and steady. I'm excited though b/c it's the first multi-sport race of the season for me. Spring sprint will follow shortly after! I'll give a race report tomorrow after it's all over with (one way or another).


Tammy said...

Good luck Rachel, but take it easy on that rib. If it were me, I'd take the weekend off and heal up... be careful.

bunnygirl said...

Good luck! If it were me, I'd probably sit this one out, but just take things easy and go with what feels right.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and try to take it all in... to get over the nerves, just think it's like a big practice where everyone invited their friends to come along. HAVE FUN!!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Good luck out there today!!! Hope the course is kind to your injuries

Habeela said...

You're going to do great! Just remember...step by step...and you'll finish strong.