Thursday, April 27, 2006

Little Updates: flip turns, new club, stomach flu, etc.

Sunday 4/23:
Discovered that a small apartment pool can be useful for some things. Played in the pool for 20 minutes Sunday night before hitting the hot tub (another unforeseen advantage of the apartment pool).
Number 1: It was fun. I couldn't over-exert myself so it was a perfect place for
recovery swim.
Number 2: I could practice drills.
Number 3: I could swim a bit farther if I swam in circles instead of pushing off the wall
(our pool is rectangular and about 13m long). This was also good for practicing sighting.
(Note to self: swimming into wall--bad).
Number 4: I finally was able to teach myself flip turns. Flip turns! I can do flip turns!
It's taken me forever.
Number 5: There was no one around so I didn't have to worry about being embarrassed
or self-conscious. Big plus for me!

I have had a hard time with flip turns, and I finally had an epiphany. Instead of pushing off the wall on my back and having water shoot up my nose, I figured out how to turn, while pushing off the wall simultaneously so that I twisted and ended up right side up (belly down) every time. I was ecstatic. I've been still too self-conscious to show off my newfound knowledge at the UCSD pool. I'll get my chicken-ass self to do it one of these days with others arond.

Mon. 4/24:
Joined the Tri Club of San Diego ( I went to a Club meeting last week and a Beginner's meeting this week. I've been meeting awesome people. I can't wait to go to some of the workouts! It's such a motivating club with tons of resources and lots of friendly people. Very cool.

Mon. 4/24:
Bought a wetsuit from B&L Bike Shop ( They were very nice there. Knowledgeable but not at all arrogant or pushy. No more excuses for not going into the ocean! I went in there and asked for the warmest tri wetsuit they had. I don't get hot. Ever.

Mon. 4/24:
Did something to my foot by wearing poorly fitting shoes Monday and walking around all day. The tendons on the top of my right foot hurt every time I roll the ball of my foot off the ground. I could barely walk Monday night. It's been ice, ibuprofen, and rest so far but it feels a lot better today.

Wed. 4/26:
Had the most awesome swim on Wednesday night. Found my pace and got my endurance back. Yea! Don't know why, but I had no problem swimming for a lot longer this time. I felt strong and faster than normal. Also I could go longer without rests. I was only going only 250m before resting last week. Maybe my body is finally remembering how to swim.
Swim Workout:
total distance: 2000m
10 min warm-up--alternate 1 lap each of breast--free--back
repeat this set 3x
descending sets of freestyle--500m
try to swim each set a little faster
do active recovery in between each set (1 lap breaststroke)
I also needed 30 seconds rest before starting the next set
cool-down 5 min with few laps of breaststroke and stretching in pool.

Wed. 4/26:
Contracted some sort of stomach bug. Got out of the pool too fast, however, and rushed out of the locker room b/c the pool was closing. Then had to lay the seat down in the car and try not to hurl for 15 minutes before carefully driving home, and laying on the floor of the apartment for another 20 minutes. It was something more than the hard swim though. I was extremely dizzy. I should have known better. I had been dizzy the whole day. Let's go swimming! Duh. I totally have no appetite. My stomach cramps up whenever I eat.

Thursday 4/27 and Friday 4/28:
I took yesterday and today off (work, exercise, everything) and have been resting and eating small bits of food whenever I can. I'm slightly more hungry and not as dizzy but still am having stomach problems. I also feel very weak. Don't know if it's from the illness or from lack of food/water. I have already lost weight so I think I'm dehydrated. I think it's a mild form of stomach flu. Fun.


jessie_tri_mn said...

Woo! to the beginning of the week :). That's one of my favorite swim workouts, those descending sets are priceless.

Boo! to the end of the week :(
My dizzy spells occured on Sunday (it just turned into general flu because I don't get the stomach flu though).

Get well soon!

Jessi said...

Hey Rachel, Thank YOU for linking ME! Do you know you're the first tri blog to link me? Ooh, very exciting! :)

Habeela said...

Hope you feel better soon! Awesome about the flip turns! It's such a great feeling when you finally figure it out!

bunnygirl said...

I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope you get to feeling better for the weekend!

I envy you being able to swim at your complex pool. Ever since they put Chemical Ali in charge of ours, it's been impossible for me! No swim is worth 48 hours' worth of sniffles!

Get better soon!

Tammy said...

Oh, me = jealous!!

You can do flip turns, AND you have a wetsuit. I still need to work on both of those things. :(

Congrats! sounds like that new club will be very motivating for you!

jameson said...

your've been busy! stoked you joined the club... i am sure i will be seeing you around. are you doing the spring sprint on 5/7?

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hi Rachael, I have an apartment pool too (25m) and I use it to do laps... Many laps. :) You missed the top plus of the apartment pool - no need to drive out just to have a swim. :D

Great to see your commitment level. Joining a club is a huge step forward. I am a bit of a loner when it comes to tri training and hence have not made that move myself.

Hope your right foot and stomach gets betta soon. If it is a mild stomach bug, I have found that the best thing to do (besides prayer) is to drink loads of water and let it all flush out. :P

May the good Lord speed your recovery (just as He is speeding mine). :)

Kewl Nitrox said...

OOPS! I mean "Hi Rachel". :P Sorry!

Not sure how I missed you on my blog roll but you are on it next time I do an update!

Oh and ignore Style Man - he tries to be funny but always comes out obnoxious. I just skip over his section nowadays. Say what they will, us Tri-ers are what is keeping up their high margin business alive (notice how anything branded "Tri" costs a bit more?).