Saturday, April 29, 2006

Frustrataing Foot Pain--Metatarsalgia

This is the type of foot pain I have. Metatarsalgia is basically pain around the ball of the foot. Great. Very helpful. It has to do with wearing the wrong shoes and having high arches and narrow feet (in my case), although obviously, there are many causes. Runners are also very susceptible. It hurts when I roll off the ball of my foot when running. It feels as if all my tendons are compressed very tightly, and then released suddenly, which is when I feel pain. Ice, rest, and NSAIDs help a lot. I'm frustrated b/c I think I got this by wearing the wrong street shoes so I didn't even injure it running this time!


Habeela said...

That looks painful! Love the flip turn advice. And what not looking like you're having fun on the're determined...that's all. :)

Cliff said...


It does sound a lot like it is a shoe prob. Then again thit is only my guess and I am still a newbie at running and injury.

Those were great race pics.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I, too have metatarsalgia. What have you found helpful? I use a moleskin metatarsal pad glued to my insoles(PowerSteps). It helps alot!!