Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Falling Apart

I've determined my knee is messed up b/c my IT band is tight. More on that later...

B/c my knees have bugged me in the past, I'm not too worried. I know it's a minor injury, and I know exactly how to manage it. However, it seems I pulled something else too. After my knee forced me off the treadmill, I decided to hit the weights. I started doing lat pull downs and ab exercises but had to cut it short. Why? Oh, it just hurts to stretch up, and use my obliques....and breathe in really deeply. It seems I've pulled an intercostal muscle (muscles b/tw ribs) on my left side. Jeez. I had to really watch the weight lifting. And the Yoga. And it hurt to stretch out on that side while sleeping. Or roll over. What the f..k? Not fair. How am I going to swim? I think I pulled it while sea kayaking. Maybe while paddling. Maybe when I fell out belly first on some rocks and a big, flopping fish. I don't know. I don't really care. I just want my body to let me be active now that my mind is ready!!!


bunnygirl said...

Uh-oh. You're rapidly running out of alternate activities!

Erin Nicole said...

my ITB is always chiropractor gave me some good exercises for you can do a really good stretch with your exercise soon as i started doing those, my knee stopped hurting when i ran.

perhaps you could get some directed massage therapy for your ITB?