Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hey There!

Oscar investigates the camera. Check out his gi-normous bat ears!


bunnygirl said...

Tidbit says those are some very sexy ears, and when can I take her to San Diego for a visit?

jp said...

Great pic. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Re: the Endless Pool. They sell a 15 foot diameter round inflatable pool with the unit that works if you don't already have a pool. Total cost is normally 8500, though they were selling the whole package for 6900 at the race (special expo price). There's probably pictures on their website.

Mon said...

He has cute airplane ears!

Cliff said...


Thanks for yoru comment..I am not too worry about the root canal. I had them before when i was a kid. I use to be a regular at the dentist..hahah :D...he knows my teeth better than me :D.

A bit worry that might hinder my training..but whatever happnes happen.