Thursday, March 09, 2006


Thanks for everyone's helpful comments! I've added some more links to some fellow blogger's sites on my sidebar. I can't believe how many other triathletes live in San Diego! I've heard wonderful things about the Triathlon Club of San Diego. There's a beginner bike ride this Sunday. I'm planning on checking it out in hopes of joining in the near future. Pretty exciting. I also need to check out the tri shops in the area and get a wetsuit (as well as drool over the tri bikes). I can't wait to do some ocean swims!

Lab has been totally wiping me out. Between doing experiments, planning a 2nd related project, and trying to teach myself everything about macrophages, immunity, inflammation, Toll-like receptors, and atherosclerosis, I'm totally overwhelmed. At least the ELISA I did today worked.

When I got home, I just crashed. I feel way too exhausted to do anything tonight. Maybe I can sleep better tonight. I have a lot to do tomorrow to try and play "catch-up" for slacking today. Ugh. I'd like to fit in 2 more runs, 2 more bikes, 1 more swim, and 1 more weight session, as well as some Yoga before the clock hits midnight on Sunday. Plus, I need to change litterboxes, go grocery shopping, and clean the apartment. Sigh.


Flatman said...

Thanks for adding me to the list! Have a great weekend and have fun on that ride Sunday...

jameson said...

the club has an awesome open water swim on sunday mornings in del mar. you don't have to be a member to come out, but it probably wont happen this weekend. it is recomended to stay out of the ocean for 72 hours after rain around here... run off and bacteria.

you should come next sunday though for sure... just check it out, but get a wetsuit first.. it's still chilly.

Cliff said...


I hear u...this week is all up and downs for me...ok mostly down. For some reason I am not waking up as early as i use to. For the past few days I have been getting up way too late. week is recovery week...gotta refocus.

Erin Nicole said...

good to hear i'm not the only one struggling with the workout routine. seems like this 1/2 marathon is coming faster than i can prepare for it! :)
good to hear that you're progressing well in your lab -- i knew you would survive!'re missing the beginning of allergies here in the lou...i'm starting to sneeze -- A LOT!

diebenkorn said...

congrats on your run! alas, i was in l.a. this weekend but my schedule was too tight to make it down to san diego. next time!