Thursday, March 09, 2006

Struggle for perfect week

I'm still tired and having sleep problems but I think I've figured out why. I've decided to give in and take an evening nap for now. I try to do it as early as possible so it doesn't interfere with evening activities and bedtime.

Monday I had an awesome swim.
Tuesday I logged in a nice little 4-mile run. I felt sluggish but got better and better throughout the run.
Wednesday I had an awesome ride on the trainer for an hour. I feel stronger, faster, and can go harder. I followed it up with some weight lifting.

Seems like I'm on track. Will this week be a "perfect week?" A perfect week is when I accomplish all the things I set out to do on my list at the beginning of the week. My weeks begin on Monday so I can use Sunday to catch up and plan my new week. Totally anal retentive, I know. I use Sunday to plan out my next week. I have a training plan guideline for the year that I use. On my calendar, I figure out which days to do the most training, which days to do the groceries, change litterboxes, clean the apartment, etc. That way, nothing interferes too much, and I can plan my day off guilt-free. However, I'm always overly-ambitious and plan too much for each week. Usually, I feel drained and defeated by Sunday. Monday, I'm always optimistic because it's the beginning of a new week, clean slate. I'm probably one of the few people who looks forward to Mondays. Because I plan too much, I only end up accomplishing 2-3 "perfect weeks" a year. When I do, it's like reaching nirvana. I feel like I'm floating and everything is clicking for me. I can create time and truly relax.

Will this week be a perfect week? It's Wednesday, and one of the first weeks in a long time that I'm totally on track. Hmmmm. We'll see.


jp said...

Sounds like you are like me, always trying to pack too much into each week.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Looking forward to keeping up on your training.


Mon said...

Lists are a good way of visually knowing you accomplished things. I'm partial to them. But it's cus I'm forgetful! I never get everything done either.

Cliff said...

2-3 perfect weeks per year is better than zero perfect weeks.