Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2 workouts/day?

Question of the Day:

Do you do more than workout a day when training for triathlons? If no, how do you get all your training in? There's not enough time to train for 3 sports, plus weights, plus Yoga, plus life in a week! I don't understand how to fit it all in, without doing 2 a day. Please let me know how y'all do it.


Flatman said...

I very rarely do two workouts a day. Maybe once a week...

Cliff said...

Easiest for me is after work. I get home at 5:30. Grab my bags and out the door by 6.

Perfect example was last Fri. I went to the community centre at 6:30.

6:30 - 7:15 - running drill
7:15 - 8 - work out
8 - 9 - swimming drill and stretch in hot tub.

Once u get the hang of it..it ian't too bad. I am still struggling with getting more training in. I miss a few swimming drills b/c I just do them fi i have them and did not deliberate strutcture them into my week.

The more important question is..how much time do u want to train. If u give yourself 4-5 hr to train..well it will be different and u probably don't need to train 2 sports a day during weekdays.

Rachel said...

My schedule is pretty flexible right now so I can take advantage of training up to 15 hours a week. Right now, fitness-wise, I can only do about 6-8.

bunnygirl said...

When I'm in two-a-day mode, I do an early workout (usually weights or swimming) before I go to the office, then a second one (running or cycling) after work or after my evening nap.

I'm a two-a-day sleeper, so maybe that helps.

Bridget said...

I am training for a half-ironman, so I try to do each sport three times a week and take one recovery day. That means at least 3 days a week have to be double-up days. Like others said, one workout is usually early morning, before my family is awake. I am a stay at home mom, so I get the second workout in either by going to the Y (where they have child watch), when the kids are in preschool, or in the evening when my husband gets home. Like you, I plan my workouts Sunday night and each day of the week is pretty well scheduled. Also, since I have started doing this training I don't even consider weight lifting or yoga as an extra activity. -Perhaps this is why they are always the first to get dropped when my week gets overloaded. If you count Yoga and weights, then I do a double almost every single day, except my off day.

I think it is a good idea to start doing some double workouts, but you could make them super short. Just trying to get in the habit of working out twice is a good thing.

I fall asleep very quickly at night!

IMmike said...

Most days I do two workouts a day. It all depends on your goals of course. Last spring/summer I trained maybe once a day.