Thursday, August 25, 2005

Settling In

The new apartment is awesome. I've been shopping and trying to decorate, giving it an "urban" look since it's a loft. I will post pics soon. The shower curtain is black and white dots. I am covering the walls with posters, cool postcards, wrapping paper (black and white diamonds to match the shower curtain in the bathroom), and my own personal artwork. It's very fun. I also have a very cute rubber duckie with a hat on top of the wall (they don't go all the way to the ceiling) by the entrance to the bedroom. It's lots of fun.
Babs has been feeling very good. She woke me up this morning playing with her toys and decided to explore the living room this morning. She's actually been kind of feisty. She's eating well and hates her medicine. I have a special shirt I wear when I give it to her b/c she wipes it all over me. She's a silly girl. All her wounds are clean, and she's leaving her stitches alone. I'm so glad. Next challenge? Giving all the buns a nail clip. Ugh. I guess I'm in for some bites of my own.

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Mon said...

That is the fun of a new place, redecorating! Kinda distracts you from feeling lonley! Plus you have the bunnies! I'm glad babs is feeling good, I'm sure you are relieved!! I did my buns over the wknd, the first time I clipped them myself, I normally paid the vet. They were both perfect angels! I am VERY lucky!