Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cassidy's story

I've been fostering Cassidy for a few months, and she's lived with the House Rabbit Society for a year-and-a-half. She's a wonderful bunny, who, for some reason, has been overlooked--maybe because she's not tiny, and she's not a baby, and she's a plain, brown color. But her personality will delight any family. She LOVES attention and is not afraid of anything. She purrs and purrs when I scratch her ears and runs love-circles around my feet when I come near. She gets very jealous when I give attention to other bunnies. She's very smart and figures things out quickly. She's very playful and active, but still likes to nap in the afternoons. She lays on the tiles in the bathroom when it's hot out to cool off. She's a cutie-pie. She's good with her litterbox, and she loves her hay. She probably would not do well with other bunnies because she likes to be the #1 top bunny. However, I think she would probably do fine with other cats or small dogs since she's not afraid of anything. I have to give her back to the main foster home after next week, and I hate doing this because she's going to feel like I've abandoned her. Bunnies who are given back often get depressed and lethargic. I hate doing this. I can't adopt her--I have 3 already!!! I wish I could...Anyway, if you know anyone that would love a bunny and be a good home for a happy bunny, please tell them about Cassidy. She deserves a wonderful forever-home...and she can't wait until she gets there.


Mon said...

She is adorable! She looks like my first bunny as an adult, Bumper!! She was a sweet pea too!

bike test blog said...

I met Cassidy and her new mummy. What a beautiful little girl!!!!

I wish I would have known about Miss Cassidy, even though I would not trade Trixie and Trigger for anything.