Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Feisty Babs, Possessive Oscar, Sweet, Little Taz, and Klutzy, Concussion Rachel

Things have been so weird lately. My dad has been in town to help get the house ready to sell but he's been so busy, I've barely seen him. Babs is better but she has a little infection and has to get 15 more days of antibiotics. Poor Babs. Oscar is "claiming" me b/c he gets to sleep by the bed at night. He peed on my pajamas last night and then "herded" me when I got out of bed to try and prevent me from leaving the bed. I guess it's kind of cute in a way. Babs is back and at 'em. She bit Oscar through the fence last night. Argh. Taz is as cute as ever. He jumped up on the sofa to sleep with my dad. I think he thought it was Jason. We all miss him. Well, maybe not Babs and Oscar, but Taz and I do.
The day before last, I bumped my head on the wall pretty hard and felt very dazed and confused afterwards. Less than 24 hours later, at a follow-up appointment for Babs at the vet's, I almost passed out and threw up for no reason at all. I have no idea what happened. It came on so quickly too. The doctor just said to pay attention to it. To what? I guess she thinks I might have a mild concussion. Go me. I'm awesome.

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Mon said...

Can you say exhaustion? I cracked my head cus I was so tired, and I have no idea how I did it, I dont remember walking, or stopping, or anything, just cracking my head.
Meditate....but don't stress how you find the time to meditate. lol