Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Poor Babs

Babs is going to be okay but she's pretty beat up. Poor baby girl. She had to have emergency surgery at the vet's yesterday. She was under anesthesia and was at the hospital for 5 hours. Taz kept her company and took care of her. She has stitches everywhere--5 or 6 places all over her body, including her throat and genitals. She's on painkillers, antibiotics, probiotics--you name it. She seems much better today--a little sore--but that's understandable. I'm giving her a lot of attention--she seems to like that. She's got a quiet, private, soft spot in the bedroom to rest. I feel terrible for trying to put them together prematurely. I can't wait to go home and check on her.


Rita said...

Awww :( Poor Babs. When I saw her yesterday all I wanted to do was hold her and tell her that she'll be ok. I'm very happy that her moral isn't too damaged. She seemed to be the same old Babs as before.

Get Well Soon, Babs!

Mon said...

Ahh poor girl! I know the guilt! My new pair had a tiff because they were getting along so good in neutral space, I tried them upstairs, and my girl got bit. She is fine, but you feel so responsible. Glad you are doing well, missed reading your posts!