Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Life-lessons I learned from Mom

Sometimes I guess Mom is right:

1. When in doubt, buy both
(but don't be afraid to take one back later)

2. Nothing in life is free
(even if it seems like it is on the surface)

3. Always find a good lab partner
(Okay, I learned this one in college)

4. Get lots of sleep, eat your veggies, wash your hands (a lot)

5. It's okay to be a little overly obsessive-compulsive. It's organization.

6. Have fun and get dirty!
(You can always Spray 'N Wash it)

7. You don't have to clean your plate if you're full.
(even if you paid for it--that's what doggie bags are for)

8. Invest in a good hair dresser that clearly understands what you want.
("it will grow back" is not an excuse)

9. Take a regular afternoon nap, and drink a cup of chamomile tea after dinner.

10. You can do anything you want if you set your mind to it.


Mon said...

I firmly believe #8 & 10!!

Erin said...

YOU FORGOT THE BIGGEST ONE!!!!..."Never marry a man!" ...but i guess that one is already down the drain ;)