Friday, August 17, 2007

Workouts, workouts, workouts and tough weekend ahead--when's my recovery week?

I've been feeling pretty tired. I have a hard weekend ahead with a long bike tomorrow and AFC half-marathon on Sunday (plus hopefully ocean swim in the afternoon). Thankfully, I have a recovery week next week. I may be dropping some serious miles for some serious recovery after annihilating myself for 3 weeks.

Yesterday, I felt a little off but still managed to perk up and go down to the gym in the evening for a great weights session and treadmill run (see below for the run workout). I noticed I have more muscle in the mirror at the gym. I hadn't been to the gym in a long time. It was good for my confidence. Treadmill running still sucks. I thought I was going to die until 2 miles in. I've found it takes me 2-4 miles before I feel good on a run.

It was fun watching people come in for a half-hearted workout and leave. Entertaining. I only did 30 minutes of weights and about 50 minutes on the treadmill, people! It wasn't like I was climbing Mt. Everest. Guys would come in and lift weights for 10-15 minutes but spend most of the time chatting. They would lift weights far too heavy for them, display horrible form, grunt and groan for 2 reps and quit. Some would get on the treadmill next to me and run for 10 minutes all out until I thought their lungs would burst. Hasn't anyone ever heard of pacing? Weird. But entertaining.

This morning, I somehow dragged myself to the pool for a master's workout. I felt like crap until halfway through. It was all mental. It seems to take me 500-800 m before I feel good in a swim.

It takes me a good 20 minutes on the bike before I feel good. Is this what happens with half and full IM training? I take longer and longer in the warm-ups? Anyone else noticed this? Strange.

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