Thursday, August 09, 2007

Swim, Bike and Run Pages

I figured a swim page would not be complete without biking and running pages too. So I made these as well. All my swim workouts will be posted on my swim page, biking routes in San Diego (and trainer workouts) on my bike page, and running track workouts and routes on my run page. I will use my main tri page (the one you're on now) for my regular stuff. When I put something really interesting on my other pages, I'll post an alert on my main page. Anyway, thought it might be helpful for those looking for a swim, trainer, or track workout or if you're in the area and need a place to run or ride.

Here are the links:

Also, these pages can be easily found on my sidebar under "Training Info".


Cliff Tam said...

I like the cartoon of hte month...

Funny :)

I like the cologne Sweat as well...very strong though.


Kate said...

Such a good idea!! Thanks for the cool resource!