Friday, August 17, 2007

Sexist Comment on Ironman Talk Irks Amateur Tri Girl

Anyone else listen to Ironman Talk? Anyone else catch the outrageously sexist comment in Episode 72? It sure bothered me! James discusses how he's trying out different coaching tactics for some of his his female clients. My ears perked up at this. Huh? Bevan asks, "Like what? Like they're more delicate?" James replies, "Yeah."

I realize this was probably a slip of the tongue but the statment really got under my skin! It's hard enough for us females out there in a male-dominated sport. What if a well-respected coach like Paul Newby-Fraser was to say she had to simplify things more for her male athletes because they were denser than females?

We are not delicate flowers! In fact, with childbirth and all, you could argue we're much better at handling guts and pain than guys. These guys are role models in the tri community, and I just thought they should edit their thoughts more before letting it stream from their mouths. Dammit! I was a big fan of Ironman Talk but I've really been let down.


Dying Water Buffalo said...

this post offends my delicate feminine sensibilities. i am outraged! :P

Lisa said...

I am so offended I might faint. Grab the smelling salts and loosen my corset, somebody!

Mon said...

psh. women are far from delicate.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

"Bevan asks, "Like what? Like they're more delicate?" James replies, "Yeah.""

Well, of course women are so much more delicate. Like that delicate flower Pam Reed, you know, the dainty flower who won the Badwater 135, purhaps the hardest foot race on earth, beating all of the toughest men in the world...not once but twice! Yes, those delicate women.

If I had a nickel for every woman who passed me in a race I could retire now. This guy must have driven his Delorian from the 1940's or something.

Anonymous said...

Women are different to men :)

I haven't heard the podcast (they bore the hell out of me) so I can't comment directly on the way it was said but women do need treating differently than men because they are so different. It's the difference between men and women that keep us going ;)

Notice I said different, not worse. I personally think women endurance athletes are better then men in the long term because they don't leave their brains behind when they train and are less likely to repeatedly make the same mistakes like my sex are inclined to.

While I am playing devils advocate if this phrase really was used implying women are delicate little flowers who need protected I would definately be as angry as you because generally the only thing I have ever had to protect the women in my life from was men, certainly not hard work and dedication which the average women is well blessed with.