Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Warrior Update

Kicked my own ass again this weekend. It wasn't the bike or the run that finally did me was the 2 hours of boogie boarding I did following all this on Sunday afternoon!

Met a group of people interested in the ride I organized for 45 miles of scenic hills. I couldn't believe it! About a dozen people showed up! I had printed out route slips and maps with my cell phone number on it. One thing I learned on this ride--don't try to answer the cell while riding. My phone went flying and hit the pavement, forcing me to go back and retrieve it. Still worked!
We headed east through Rancho Santa Fe, up Del Dios Hwy past Lake Hodges and then headed west again in Escondido. Surprisingly the marine layer hung around, even that far east, all morning so it wasn't too hot. Made a huge difference in that I felt pretty good on the whole ride (my butt was still sore from lateral lunges on Thursday though).
I was the "sweeper", which everyone thought was so kind until they realized it's because I just ride that slowly. The group waited for me at the regroup and we headed west through Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest, a beautiful, hidden stretch of countryside in north San Diego county.
Tons of cycling groups rode by in both directions. I had picked a very popular route. I loved seeing the other cyclists. Made me feel like part of a huge, conglomerate group. Several pelotons whizzed by in the opposite direction, and I recognized each group by the jerseys they wore: Swami's, Celo, SDBC.
We stopped again in San Marcos for a snack and bathroom break. Done with all the big hills, all we had left were some rollers until we hit the coast in Carlsbad. I enjoyed the scenic view of the ocean all the way back, gazing at the lines of surfers waiting for the perfect wave.
It was such a nice ride. We had a fantastic brunch at the Naked Cafe after. I think I'm going to make this a regular Saturday ordeal!

Met my running group at 6:30 am (ugh) for a 10 mile run in Carlsbad through Batiquitos Lagoon. I had dead legs and felt like crap until the turn-around. Then I felt fine. Weird. I'm ready for the half-marathon next weekend (AFC)! We saw egrets and great blue herons. Beautiful. We then had a great brunch at Swami's in Encinitas.

I then headed over to Moonlight Beach down the street (one of my favorites) for some boogie boarding. The waves were huge and the water was warm! I lost my contacts in a wave first thing and decided I minize well hang out since there was nothing I could do about being blind anyway. I had so much fun, I didn't even realize I was burning and chafing and exhausted until I had been out there for 2 hours. I had slathered on the sunblock before heading out (waterproof my ass!) but my back still got very red. The waves were about 4-6 feet, and I caught several. Everytime I would tell myself, just 1 more wave, I would ride in and head immediately back out.
I learned how to stretch out at the beginning to catch one and then crawl forward to gain speed. I learned how to turn one way or another or even sideways to avoid running into people and that if a big wave comes down on you sideways, you wipe out pretty badly. I also got caught in the funnel part of the wave several times--that little pocket between where the water is breaking over the top and the body of the wave underneath; it was like being under a waterfall. I can't believe how much fun I had! Now, I just need to learn to surf.
One thing to note, don't wear a bikini with decorative crap in the middle. Mine had a rope thingy on my chest, and I chafed so badly, I had to put on bandaids just to put a bra on today! I also have a pretty bad rash on my stomach.
Afterwards, delirious with fatigue, I somehow made it home sans contacts and crawled into bed for a 4 hour nap, only waking up to eat dinner before going back to bed. It was quite a weekend!


jameson said...

can you send me a map or link to the run in Batiquitos Lagoon? I live right by there and have been out there for a run? Where do you start?

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Boogie boarding? Boogie boarding?? You crazy Californians...

You are definitely getting plenty of mileage in for SOMA, but I can assure you that you will not see so much as one wave in Tempe Town Lake so no boogie boarding over here. Sorry. ;-)