Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hard Recovery

  • Train hard, recover hard, that's the key. I slept most of Sunday afternoon after my boogie boarding adventures. Monday, I got a much-needed massage. Ouch!

    Woke up this morning ready to swim. Wha? That never happens. Told myself I could sleep in but then I was awake and ready to go at 6:30 am. No excuses! Swam 2400 yards like it was nothing. What, what, what? When did this happen? I actually wanted more!

    I've been tagged by Chad so here goes:

Job's I've Held:
Groundskeeper for pharmaceutical manufacturing company (summer job) Stable hand (mucking stalls)
Lab assistantPerpetual student
(Will I ever grow up and get a real job?)

Movies I can Watch Over & Over:
Office Space
Ice Age
Monsters Inc.
Whale Rider

Guilty Pleasures:
Anything with chocolate in it, especially fudge brownie sundaes

Places I Have Lived:
Saratoga, CA
Abingdon, VA
Asheville, NC
Bristol, TN
Madison, WI
St. Louis, MO
San Diego, CA

Shows I Enjoy:
The Office
Law & Order
30 Rock
Family Guy

Vacation Spots:
I don't vacation but dream of scuba diving cruises in the Caribbean and biking vacations in Napa and Tuscany.

Favorite Foods:
Sushi. Period.

Websites I Visit Daily:
All of the tri blogs listed on my sidebar. I know. I'm a Tri Geek.

Body Parts I have Injured:
I've been very lucky.
Worst thing I've done is crush my upper maxilla and lose 3 front permanent teeth (playground accident 2nd grade).
Other injuries are--fractured pinky toe (klutzy accident), bruised ribs (twice--bucked off a horse and fell out of a kayak) and some soft tissue things (torn hip abductor from running).

Awards I've Won
The Jeanine Merrill Award 1992 (for high scores in a dressage show--I used to ride horses competitively)
CDS (California Dressage Society) Junior Dressage Champion Reserve 1992 (it was a good year)
many other little ribbons and trophies from hunter/jumper, eventing and dressage shows as well as Pony Club rallies.
1991 Science Award Redwood Middle School
1996 English Award Asheville School
2004 2nd place 25-29 F Hillsboro Duathlon (Hillsboro, IL)
2005 1st place 25-29 F Stoneman Sprint Tri (Springfield, IL)
(I know they're just measly AG awards at tiny little races but they're my only ones, okay?)

Nicknames I've Been Called:
Ra Ra (pronounced "Ray Ray" b/c my little sister couldn't pronounce the "Ch" in Rachel)
Pumpkin (by my mom)
IronGirl (by my awesome running group)

Pick 5 Other Bloggers:


The Big Cheese said...

You are batting a .1000 on the shows you watch.

The Big Cheese said...

To clarify... I meant 1.000, or 100% not 10%.