Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Life Keeps Getting in the Way

blisters on my foot from running in wet shoes during tris!

below--after the Camp Pendleton Tri. I made it!

the buns!

Well, I'm off to Wisconsin to see the in-laws. I love Madison. I will be staying with my husband's family on their dairy farm for the next few days. I'm bringing my camera and sketch pad! I should have gorgeous pics when I get back. I can't bring Bluebell (sniff, sniff) but I'm hoping to check out a local bike rental shop since biking in Madison can't be beat. Nice, courteous drivers, rolling hills, farmland, lakes, a fabulous biking coalition together with bike lanes, maps, and wide shoulders---sigh---paradise. I'm also bringing my swimsuit. Besides the "Find a Pool" website (check out the link on my sidebar), which allows me to literally find public pools where I can drop in for a few bucks to swim laps anywhere in the world, Madison has some lovely lakes. I'm planning on visiting campus and the old dorms where I can plunge into Lake Mendota for a dip. I also threw in a resistance band. Nothing like some peace and quiet in the background for a good old-fashioned weight session with crunches, push-ups, dips, and a resistance band. And of course, the running shoes and iShuffle. Can't leave home without it. I also threw in my riding shoes, jodhpurs, and half chaps. If I'm verrry lucky, my sister in-law will take me riding--horses that is...the absolutely best way to travel.

Anyway, it's been crazy around here with lab picking up at the worst possible time (of course) and being exhausted from last weekend while getting ready to go so, obviously, I haven't been getting much training in. Bluebell is pouting at me in the corner of our kitchen. I just haven't found time to brush her out and take her out of the stable for a good ride! She'll have to wait until I return. Bunnies are all set up with their excellent sitter (who I'll call just to quiet my anxious mind anyway).

I should have some wonderful stories and pics when I return next week!


Jack said...

Wisconsin sounds like paradise. I grew up on a dairy farm and sure miss it sometimes - take lots of pictures! Have fun running, biking, swimming, horseback riding,...I want to come too!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Have a great trip! You must've packed a half dozen bags to bring all your gear ;)

Mon said...

The buns are of course, the cutest!
A dairy farm would be awesome! Have fun, and enjoy the horses and cows!

Cliff said...

have a great trip.

Habeela said...

Guh! That is an awful blister! But yay for finishing!

Enjoy your vacation.

Jessi said...

I grew up in Madison - say hi to my hometown for me, please!

Hey wait a sec, I wonder if I know your hubby... he grew up in Madison? If he went to high school there (or in the outlying suburbs/small towns), we should play the name game, especially considering we are about the same age (assuming he's around your age).

jessihs at yahoo.

JeffM said...

Have a great trip! I'll be on the other side of the lake in Michigan next week.