Friday, July 07, 2006

I missed my buns!

Per request, unsolicited pics of my 3 babies! I missed them so much! The pitter-patter of their feet, the little squeaks when they groom themselves, their nudges, kisses, and even the banging on the door at 6 am! Sleepy Oscar. King Oscar. "What do you want?"
Babs (right) and Taz (left) eating their mornign greens (when we lived in St. Louis).
Taz, kickin' back. "Aaaaaah." Look at those little legs!
Oscar, shaking his ears before sitting up to groom them. Don't you hate it when you get stuff in your ears? Note that he was enjoying a good book as well.
Babs, stuffing herself in the hay basket. "I'm not fat, just plump!"


bunnygirl said...

Oh, how sweet! My bunny-cup runneth over!

Thanks for the pics!

Paul said...

I go through the same thing when traveling. But it's with cats instead of rabbits. Heh, cute little furballs.

Jessi said...

teehee. Everytime you say "buns" for a second I think you're talking about your booty! (And I wonder, WTH?).

Barb said...

Nice looking kids! I had a "house bunny" way back when. He was a great pet!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Just curious, do they just go free-range?

qcmier said...

I won't mention anything about stew. Oops did I say that out loud?

Tammy said...

Ok, you're weird. LOL... I used to be the same way about my Akitas.

Anyway.... looks like I'll be out your way sept 13-20. Any races the weekend of the 16/17th?? :)

Rachel said...

thanks for the comments.

Seamonster--yup! free roaming!!!

Tammy--I don't know of any tris but there's a 1/2 marathon on that Sat (16th) at Camp Pendleton and a 5 mi run in the area that Sunday.

Mon said...

I always love to see pics of the babies! Their so adorable!!!