Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It Caught Up With Me

I'm exhausted. Maybe it was the heat this weekend. The 9 mile run on Saturday morning. Or the triathlon Sunday. Waking up at ungodly hours both days. Or it could have been getting too much at the sun afterwards from 4 to 8 pm both days. Swimming in the ocean Sat and Sun. Body surfing Sat afternoon and boogie boarding Sunday. I guess colliding with a guy playing soccer when being run aground on the boogie board on a wave and getting kneed in the kidneys and kicked in the head could have also contributed (we both got up, shook ourselves off, apologized, and walked away, unscathed. Although I do have a nice, long gash on my lower back that the massage therapist had to stay away from on Monday.)

By the way, re-administering a contact that has popped out and been doused on sea water really stings. I don't recommend it. Maybe my exhaustion today is just a combination of everything accumulating and finally landing on me like a ton of bricks.

Monday I felt okay. Sore and stiff but okay. The massage therapist told me at the end that she had stayed very light becuase she didn't want to cause more tissue damage. She had? I promptly scheduled another one for the following Monday, anticipating the future punishment my body would take next weekend. Anyway, took Monday off from training, as planned. Tuesday, I still felt sore and tired and decided it would be okay to take yet another day. I hate taking off more than 1 day in a row. It freaks me out. Sometimes, I think I need it though. Today isn't over yet. But it's not looking good.

I woke up this morning exhausted. I had gone to bed at 11:30 (normal) and woken up at 8:30 (also, normal--guiltily admitted). Is it normal to need 9 hours of sleep a night? I don't know, but I can't function without it. 8 just doesn't cut it. Less than that and I'm a zombie at risk of falling to pieces and sobbing over an untied shoelace. (I have a blood test scheduled just to make sure all my thyroid and iron levels are on par.) Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed and started to get ready for work. Since I had been too pooped to do anything last night, the place was a mess and I started cleaning up. It's nice to come home to a clean place! It clears my head. I hate leaving the apt. with a ton of crap I have to do when I get home.

All of a sudden, my stomach started cramping up. I had eaten a banana and taken my stomach meds but I just felt worse and worse. Maybe it's my period (don't you just love being a woman?). Maybe the tapering off of some nasty meds lately (SSRIs--almost free of them!). Or maybe all the activity I did this weekend catching up to me (ding, ding, ding!). Or a combination of everything. All I know is that I felt like crap.

I lied down for just a minute. When I looked at the clock again, it was noon, and my stomach didn't feel much better. Ugh. I called in sick....feeling very guilty about it. Afterall, since work has gotten busier, I've actually been looking forward to getting in. But, there was nothing that couldn't wait until tomorrow, and I knew it was better to rest and heal now than to be really sick later. I woke up, ate, and went back to bed at around 2. Woke up at 6:30 pm. What the f...? Guess I was tired! It kind of freaks me out but I feel better now and more coherent. My stomach (always the first to warn me when something is going on; thanks!) feels a lot better too. I know it was just my body's way of telling me I needed to slow down, rest, and recoup. Thanks so much body for the announcement! (grumbling) Guess I'm not Superwoman. Hey, I'm not? Still, it's amazing how much punishment the body can take and still be okay.


Cliff said...

Looking at your weekend, you did train a lot :).

If your body is healthy, then u are really good at pushing your body to its limit. The blood work will definitely tell u about your health level.

When I biked two years ago, I would get to work all sore and stuff after a weekend of riding. It is crazy.

qcmier said...

Nice job with the race last weekend. With all the other stuff you did, I can see how your body is tired. Hope a little rest and relaxation will help you feel better.

9 hours of sleep a night is not too much for athletes in training. My coach would like me to get that much.

JeffM said...

9 hours in mid-season is about right, especially with back to back races like you're doing. You don't mention it much- how's your nutrition? The way you plan, I'm sure it's good.

bunnygirl said...

Any chance you just picked up a bug?

Rest up and get better!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get more sleep but I train at night and then I'm just wired. But from what I've read, we all need that rest to recover and repair our bodies--the rest is as important as the training.

From what I've read and my own experiences, a few days won't make or break your fitness level. Go do a spa day! :-P

Jack said...

Sounds like you need to back off just a bit for a week or so. Or perhaps you did pick up a bug when your resistance was down. Try to get some extra rest and see if you start feeling better. That usually works for me anyway.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Hope you feel better soon. 9 hours is completely normal for someone as active as you. You could probably use a nap each day as well :)

Jenö said...

Hope you feel better soon. Can't say I have had the seawater-in-the-eyes thing ... but sunscreen is pretty nasty too when it gets between a lens and my eye!!!