Sunday, September 02, 2007


Autographed visor from Kate Major--curly head included! I need a new hat now. Have to retire this one to preserve the signature.

Pic of blood blister on big toe from running Aquathlon barefoot. I have a matching one on the other toe. Unfortunately, the pic doesn't really do it justice. Babs insisted on getting her pic taken too!

The adoreable Tazzer-schmazzer-mookie bear (Taz), and the eldest of my buns (8 years).

Hummingbird at feeder through the blinds on our balcony.


Mon said...

Cuuuuuute bunnieeees!
Nasty blister, I cringe just thinking about putting shoes on with those!

bunnygirl said...

Yay, bunnies! They're trying to tell you to take more pics!

I love the signed cap, too-- lucky you!

Rice said...

a one legged bunny... Is that very lucky?

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, running 5k barefoot? You are hardcore! It looks like your feet on the otherhand are not hardcore. Take care of those blisters. Sounds like the conversation with Kate Major was awesome. Always great to get advice from one of the best.

Michelle Panik said...

Great blog!!! Don't worry about that blood blister--you saved 10 seconds by skipping the shoes!