Monday, September 24, 2007

Amateur Tri Girl Rages in the Gaslamp

My sister departed for UC-Davis this morning, leaving me sapped of my inner life source. I just can't keep up with the 21-year olds anymore!

We shopped for club clothes (since I didn't own any) on Saturday, spending the day in PB (Pacific Beach). Afterwards, we spent some time on the beach. The water was chilly, the current was pulling north very strongly, and the waves were breaking very close together, making it difficult to dive under. I swam out, got pulled to the pier and had to walk back. My sister was laying out with a "should I be worried?" look on her face.

We went home, thinking we had plenty of time to get ready but 2 hours flew by. All glammed up, we went out to dinner, where we hooked up with a bunch of friends. We ate at Su Casa, this really neat Mexican joint in La Jolla where the margaritas are strong and they make the guacomole from scratch at your table. We had a great dinner, although none of us could finish our dinners. Could it be the enormous portion sizes or the excitement buzzing in the air? After a quick fix-up in the bathroom and comparing our slutty club tops (I wore dark skinny jeans, little black pumps, and a black glitter backless top that actually "buckled" on--in full costume), we all headed downtown.

Since I have absolutely 0 alcohol tolerance, I got a buzz almost instantly from about 1/3 of the maragarita. Woo hoo! Cheap date! Afterwards, we headed down to the Gaslamp, one of the San Diego hotspots for nightlife. My friend got us all into On Broadway for free (one of the big, upscale dance clubs in the Gaslamp). Sweet! Since we got there pretty early (about 9:30), we got a nice little tour of the club--it used to be a bank so it's an enormous venue--5 dance floors complete with different DJ's, bars, sushi bar and restaurant. The club started filling up around 10:30 pm, and pretty soon it was packed. The DJs started mixing their stuff, and when the go-go dancers came out on their little table-top stages aroudn 11:00, everything was going full swing. It was fun to stay the whole night and get different points of views.

My friends liked the 80s dance floor a lot. The Latin dance floor in The Vault with all the Regaton music was pretty cool, although I don't know how to dance all that well so I felt pretty sheepish doing my "bump 'n grind" in there. Personally, I enjoyed the 2 hip-hop floors the best. Reminds me of the good 'ole days in St. Louis. The main floor was the most packed (and entertaining with punker wannabes complete with the pink spiked mohawk), and the DJs there were great--lots of electronica and techno.

I nursed my 2 screwdrivers for the whole night, interspersed with lots of water. With all the pounding and strobe lights (anyone prone to seizures?), I preferred to maintain a nice, steady buzz the whole night and enjoy the dancing. I kept it pretty tame. Sorry to disappoint--my hardcore drunken animal days were used up in college (UW-Madison). My 21-year old sister, on the other hand, still in college (UC-Davis) took the opposite approach and got pretty hammered. However, all of us had a blast.

About half-an-hour before the club closed, we rounded everyone up and Jason, our trusty DD, drove everyone home. That's how we roll. By the time I actually turned out the lights, the clock read 3:30 am. Phew! Sunday morning, it was actually refreshing to sleep in with Jason and skip my early morning run. I can't remember the last time I did that! Hey! It's my recovery week, afterall. Plus, after all the dancing I did, that has to count for something! (Apparently, a 130 lb female burns about 270 calories/hour on ).

We woke up and went to breakfast around 9ish. Yes, sleeping in 'til 8:30 is sleeping in. Erin continued sleeping. We had tentatively planned on a trip to the Wild Animal Park but seeing as we were all a bit exhausted (and some of us, ahem, a bit hung over), we decided to take it easy instead. Napping on Sunday afternoon while Jason and Erin watched football turned out to be a much better option. She was like, "I raged too hard last night."

That evening, we grilled hamburgers by the apartment pool and took a post-dinner soak in the hot tub. Nice. I can't believe how sore my ass is from dancing! I feel like I did 100 squats. Oh, wait. I guess I did.


Sara said...

Wow it sounds like you had a great time! I think dancing the night away totally earned you the sleep in!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, 3:30am is a more likely time for me to wake up, not go to bed. I would have been asleep in a corner at about 11pm. Sounds like you have fun though. That would have made me more sore than running 20 miles.

Mallie said...

I was thinking the same thing as Chad. My alarm goes of at 4 AM at least 4 days a week.

Sounds to me like the dancing was enough of a workout. I'd have skipped the run too!

Cliff Tam said...

Dancing can be the new cross training :)

Shawn said...

I'm with cliff tam, dancing should be the new cross training! But not until 3:30AM.

Paul said...

Su Casa is the shiznit. It's right around the corner from my place. I love those casarita's. That's how I keep up my salt intake. Sounds like you had a great night!