Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall in San Diego

Feeling better...2 days of bed rest, lots of tea and Zicam seem to have done the trick. I'm now in the "draining" phase. Went for a little run and did weights last night. Had a terrific masters swim this morning (swam 2950 meters!). Looks like I'll be able to salvage the week. Plus, my sis is here, and I'm ready take her out and paint the town red!

Fall is officially here in San Diego. No, we may not get the beautiful fall leaves like the rest of the country but, since I grew up in NorCal, I'm used to the lack of seasons so I don't mind. Who can complain about extra sunshine? However, I can tell it's fall:
1. It's getting dark earlier.
2. The heat and humidity have broken. (Yipee! This is why I was feeling so sick about a month ago--not recovering well from the heat.)
3. The water temp in the ocean has dropped from a steamy 73 to a chilling 63 with 58-degree cold spots--omens of winter.
4. The weather reports keep predicting rain, which we never see--but the fact that there COULD be--that's the point.
5. Football season has started.
6. Season premieres are beginning.
7. The kids are back in school.
8. The tourists have left, and the beaches are empty again (yea!).
9. The leopard sharks are breeding.
10. The honeybees are dying.

Feels like fall to me. I don't need anything more.


Kate said...

I'm so glad you recovered quickly! Have a great night out :-)

Shawn said...

I love it when the tourists leave.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad you are feeling better. Get that paint brush out!

I love everything on your list...except the part about sharks breeding. That I can do without.

Mon said...

YAY for season premiers!!!!!!!!

Marcy said...

Wanna trade? LOL