Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend. Had an epic ride and brick run on Saturday and really tough long run on Sunday.

Long Ride:
Saturday, we met for the new "Rachel Ride" in Del Mar for 50 miles up the coast into Camp Pendleton and back. I was worried there wouldn't be a big turnout. Only a handful of people had e-mailed me, and there were a gazillion other rides taking place at the same time. I was ecstatic when I rode down the hill to meet about 15 other riders at 7:20! This has been a great way to meet new training partners. In addition, it has been fun to train with good friends, such as Thomas. One guy asked me how long I'd been riding with this group as we rolled out. It was cute. Some people have told me they come to my ride because of the low key, laid back atmosphere, which is exactly why I started it in the first place. This has been a very rewarding experience so far. Team name and jerseys next? Who knows? Candidates? Maybe--the Tortoise Riders ("we get it done") with a shell pattern on the jersey. The Bonks? Donut riders--we ride for food. Okay, okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Anyway, I'm glad the ride is being well received.

We rolled out, and I hung back, taking it easy. It was hot, damn-hot. I know, I know, it's SoCal, and I'm complaining about 85 degree weather with a little humidity. Wah-wah. What can I say? Living here has made me weak. Sigh. Anyway, I felt good. For the first time, I could hang with the group. The pace was definitely aerobic for me. I think it was partly because a) the ride was flat, b) I had brought Torch, and c) I had rested appropriately for the ride.

We headed into the base, and they scrutinized our id's before letting us enter. Experienced riders in our group warned us to follow all the rules of the road and ride single file so as not to get stopped by an MP. Secretly, I wanted to get stopped by a Marine (and maybe punished?). Okay, admittedly, maybe not so secretly because I told the whole group this fantasy. At the turn-around, we stopped at a market (with air-conditioning--aaaaaah), and I used the toilet and ate half a Twix bar, much to the shock of the rest of the group. Hee hee. The heat had been bothering my appetite a little, and I wasn't getting down the calories I wanted. Hence, the quick calories in the form of a Twix at the rest stop. And you know what? It did the trick.

Out of the base, the cool breeze from the coast revived me. Traffic had picked up considerably as tourists fought their way in droves to the beach. Riding south alongside the Oceanside boardwalk, a police SUV warned us through his speaker to "Ride single file. Single file." Yes, sir! (Was the cop going to get out and punish me? Ack! Okay, I'll stop. What is wrong with me?). One of our riders out front didn't see the cop and rolled right through a stop sign. He promptly got pulled over. Luckily, the cop just gave him a warning. A bunch of drivers yelled at us, vindicated, as they drove past our group and the cop, "Yeah! Cyclists! Get 'em!" What pricks. As we rolled through Carlsbad and more of the coastal communities, we continuously had to be on guard for crazy drivers, parked cars with carelessly opening doors, lazy pedestrians, and all sorts of other harrowing mishaps and close calls. The traffic this weekend has been unbelievable. Yes, the volume is up but the drivers are impatient and nasty! What is up? I can't wait until after this weekend when the tourists will leave San Diego to the residents until next year.

Calories consumed:
2 water bottles with 2 scoops Carbo Pro each (400 calories)
drank 1.5 bottles so 350 cals, actually
3 Cliff Blocks (180 calories)
1/2 Twix Bar (142 calories)
Total: 672
Total Mileage:
50 mile ride + 2 mile run (~3.5 hr ride +20 min ride so ~4 hrs total exercise)
They recommend about 150-200 calories an hour so I actually did this!!!
Total calories burned ( --brilliant website): 2261
Recommended to replace 30-40% of calories burned on long workouts, which is 680-900 cals. I think I'm right on target.

Most Brilliant Moment of the Year Award (Brick Run):
After the ride, we changed into our running shoes and headed out for a quickie run. My legs were dead-tired, and my Achilles were still screamingly tight from running barefoot at the Aquathlon on Thursday. This was definitely a get-it-done run. As we headed along the bike path on 101, against traffic, we recognized Darrell from the Tri Club, finishing up with the Saturday Del Mar ride. He held his hand out to give us a high-five as we passed. I held my hand out to meet his. At that moment, a root from a tree, buckling the pavement, came out of nowhere. My right foot tripped over the root, and I stumbled badly. For a moment, I thought I was going to regain my balance as I took 3 large, staggering steps. Then, I knew I couldn't hold it. I was too tired, and it suddenly seemed like falling was the best option. It happened in slow motion. With my hands already out in front, I raised them over my head and spread-eagled, did a face plant, belly flop onto the asphalt. Both arms were still out in front of me, as if I had tried to catch a long pass.

Mortified, Darrell wheeled around and was at my side in seconds. I was already at my feet, humiliated and laughing hysterically. My friend Thomas, whom I'd been running alongside, scolded Darrell, "You have to stop riding with your jersey unzipped. You're a hazard to the ladies!" I assured Darrell I was okay, who asked me 3 or 4 times. Finally, I convinced Darrell to finish his ride, and Thomas and I finished our run.

Afterwards, we examined my "wounds". I was covered in dirt and had a small scrape on my stomach and thigh. My left knee had received the worst of it and was scraped, raw and bleeding (which has since been flowering into a very pretty bruise with lots of splendid colors). However, it was just a surface wound, and I knew it was very minor. Actually, my tummy hurt the most since it had taken the brunt of the force. Considering dumping it on the pavement, I knew it could have been much, much worse. See what great form I had when I fell? I'm sure that's what saved my ass.

Post-workout Recovery:
Thomas and I promptly dove into the ocean at Powerhouse Park to rinse off and cool off. The air was hot and humid but the ocean temp was nice and chilly--about 69 degrees. It felt soooo good. I swear, the ocean has magical healing properties. The waves were big and funnel-like--perfect. The water was gorgeous--clear and a bright teal-aqua. We ducked under the waves and floated just past the breakers for 10 minutes. Then, we body surfed in. We both caught a wicked wave that blasted us all the way in. Sweet! Then, we dripped dry and made our way up for a big breakfast.

Long Run:
Sunday, I dragged myself to our weekly group long run at Mission Bay. We started at 6:20 am. Ugh. It was already in the upper 70s, humid and no cloud cover. My knee was black-and-blue but I had been fighting the swelling with ibuprofen and ice and have enough mobility to run. We started out, and my Achilles screamed out again. I kept it slow and even. After a few miles, I ran the pain right out of my Achilles and began to settle in. We were all dripping. I was drinking but I was very hungry. Even though I ate my usual pre-run breakfast (cereal and banana), I felt like I was starving. And, of course, I had neglected to bring along the Cliff Blocks. I guess I didn't properly replace my glycogen stores from Saturday's long workout. Oh, well. Once we hit the boardwalk between Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, we were enveloped by a refreshing, cool ocean breeze that revitalized us. The tide was even low enough to run back on the beach for a bit. By mile 7, I was dying. Hungry, tired, hot--I had nothing in my tank. I gutted it out the last 3 miles and was happy to get in my 10--even if I was slow as molasses.

Post-workout Recovery:
We had a huge breakfast, which I followed by a nice, long nap. My knee has ballooned up again--guess the long run probably didn't help. I'm continuing to ice it, and I'm confident it will be good as new by Tuesday.

Spent Monday on the beach body-surfing. Wicked waves! I swallowed a ton of water. Not much of a recovery day, huh?

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Ouch. You must not have been focused when you went were still thinking about all those Marines and Cops, weren't you...

Mon said...

sounds like you labored on labor day too! only yours was in the form of a great workout!

Sara said...

Wow sounds like a great weekend! Everytime you mention the ocean I just get so jealous. Toronto is on a lake but just a very very polluted one. You are so lucky!! Take care of that knee!