Friday, September 14, 2007

Brilliant Torrey Pines Run

Had a crap swim this morning. Must be b/c of my stellar swim on Tuesday. I think I'm just too sore from weights. I've definitely been spending too much time playing and not enough working! Very excited about the upcoming weekend. Lots of fun biking, running, and swimming planned. Next week is a recovery week! Yipee!

I lifted weights yesterday morning even though I was sore from surfing (and have a nice purple bruise on my hip to show for it--goody). It felt so good to just do weights without anything else. I'm super sore this morning! How do people do it? Lift while training? I hate lacking the core, gluteal, and upper body strength I get from weight training but I feel like I can't recover. Any secrets? Anyway, I will only manage to get 1 weight session in this week. I was going to lift again this evening but I'm sore from yesterday and need to rest up for my mega-weekend.

Yesterday afternoon, I snuck in a 5-mile run. I hit Torrey Pines and ran my favorite 1-mile loop trail. I felt good the second my feet hit the road. Ever have runs like this? My feet felt like springs. All my worries lifted away. My mind was clear of thoughts, and it was like being rocked to sleep by the rhythm of my feet. Total meditation while running.

I got excited when I hit the trail at the 2-mile mark because it offers specatacular views of the ocean. I gasped when I saw the water. Yes, it still amazes me and fills me with awe. The sun was hitting it, causing yellow and gold flickers of light to dance and sparkle on top of the blazing blue water. The tide was extremely low, and the froth from the waves lazily churned far from the beach as if someone were sucking the water away with a straw. I stoped and gaped for a brief moment. I was filled with excitement. "I can't believe I get to live here!" I thought. I think it's great I still think that. Sorrowful is the day that I take this place for granted.

I started the uphill trek back towards lab. Surprisingly, I was able to find a rhythm up the steep grade and maintain for the short stint up. Recovering at the top, I found my cruise control and easily turned my brain off again.

A half mile down the path, I heard footsteps. A minute later, a guy in an orange shirt passed me. No! Why do I get so competitive. I picked up the pace. A loud voice in my head yelled, "Let him go!" Controlling myself, I settled back down to my cruise pace.

Another quarter mile up the road, I realized I was gaining on him. He had slowed down. I had a chance. I began accelerating. I couldn't stop myself. It felt so good. We passed people at a bus stop as they gazed curiously at us--orange shirt guy blissfully unaware and me striding closely behind with my serious, intense, "it's on" face. The prey was in my sight, and I was a lionness, moving in for the kill. Seconds later, I passed him and finished out the final 100 meters with a good sprint, turning back down the street to lab, dripping with sweat. A minute later, he passed by my office. Turns out--orange-shirt runner guy works next door to me! How embarrassing! He probably thinks I'm some crazy girl! I feel kind of guilty for letting my competitive side come through but on the other hand, I had a great run, and it felt wonderful.

Aftewards, I went to our club meeting and saw Normann Stadler speak. Pretty cool. Looking forward to a nice, relaxing beach run tonight at low tide. Except for the yucky naked guys on Black's Beach--not so much.


Paul said...

That definitely one of my favorite runs, the guy fleming loop is awesome too! LOL I can soooo do without the naked guys down there. And truth be told the I'll pass on the women too, the ones getting naked unfortunately are not the ones to see...There's a reason they are there. Killer photo, reminds me I need to get back over there.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's too bad that nudists for the most part are people who need more clothing, not less.

As far as lifting without getting too sore, it's mostly about consistancy and not using too much weight. Go for more reps with lighter weight.

Coach Tammy said...

Nice catch on orange shirt guy! Usually when that happens to me, they pass me a minute later and they aren't even breathing hard! ha.

So you liked Nooooooorrrrrman, eh? Did he throw anything?

Mike said...

great write-up on that run..felt like i was there! ;-)

Also, the surfing post was great! I grew up surfing and it's one thing i miss up here in OR...all those stingrays and no stings for you!?! lucky you!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

So how was Normann? What did he talk about?

Way to hunt down the orange shirt dude :)

Marcy said...

What?! Did someone say naked dudes? Dang you gotta get a pic of that . . . although judging from what Paul says, it's probably not that much of a sight LOL

Orange shirt dude needed to have his butt kicked! The nerve . . .passing. Geesh!