Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stoneman Sprint Triathlon

I've posted some pics from the Stoneman Sprint Triathlon back in July (in Springfield, IL) below. Jason and I had such a blast. It was one of my favorites. Just plain and simple fun.


Britney said...

i totally admire you for your participation in triathalons; it looks like it is very intense, but that you totally love it! thanks for the note on my blog! Thanks for the note you left on my blog! i am definitely going to try to enjoy the fall this weekend and breathe in some fresh air, enough of this chemical-laden, eternally-recycled lab air!

Erin said...

so ra, tell me. what is your opinion on finally being related to a guy named Constantine? i personally couldnt be more excited.

Rachel said...


What are you talking about?