Monday, September 12, 2005

Personal gym, dancing, and carpal tunnel

Things are getting back to normal and then some. I'm exercising again! It feels soooo good. I've been sleeping a lot better because of it. My apartment has a 24-hour gym, and no one really uses it so it's like having my own personal gym. Anytime I want, I just take a towel, a water bottle, and my iPod, and sneak downstairs. I can set the television (with full cable, unlike my apartment, which just has basic), lower the thermostat, and monopolize all the machines for however long I want. It's awesome. I ran on the treadmill 3 days in a row! Afterwards, I pop onto the weight machines and do a weight workout. I get 2 workouts over with, and it's fun because I watch all the t.v. shows I can't get in my apartment! I'm going to get my tri body back in no time.
Last night, I set up the bike on the trainer and had an awesome workout while watching Desperate Housewives. I had my heart rate monitor on to make sure I didn't slack off. Then, I did free weights afterwards. I love how I can get a workout anywhere, and it's so easy and inviting! I'm hoping to do a triathlon in October. I'm going to start swimming at the university gym this week.
I've been working hard in lab too. Right now, I'm waiting for stupid adipocytes. I'm trying to be very careful with my cells and experiments. I'm getting more done by doing less so I'm certain that everything I do gets done correctly. I do less each day (experiment-wise) but have more results by the end of the week. It's nice to feel like I have my groove back. I'm working on putting a paper together, making an outline for a 3rd paper, and starting an outline for my thesis this week. Phew!
My bunnies have been mad at me because I've been going out so much. I've been socializing with friends a lot more since Jason left. Saturday morning, I cleaned bunny cages at the Missouri House Rabbit Society. Lots of work, but fun, nonetheless. I went out Saturday to see a movie, snuck in a run on the treadmill, and then went out again to a bar. It had a dance floor, and we danced until 2 am! It was like getting another workout in! My quads are so sore. Dancing is awesome. I had a ton of fun and got to meet lots of really cool people. (Plus, I got to dance up close and personal with this really hot girl that I have a crush on). Thanks, Carlos, for inviting me! Sunday (once I got up), I went to a really awesome art fair in Clayton and got some really funky earrings. It's just nice to go out and do things and explore and be active. I feel refreshed today because I did so many different things this weekend.
I miss Jason a ton. I have a ton of energy because I don't have anyone to cuddle with (or have amazing sex with). I can't wait for my birthday present! I'm going to get carpal tunnel syndrome soon if I don't have some sort of alternative! Lol. Anyway, I realized on Saturday that I may not be a "40-year old virgin", but instead, I'm a vibrator virgin. That will be resolved soon.
Back to work. Hopefully, all the playing I did this weekend primed me for all the lab stuff I need to do. I'm really glad I'm back on the triathlon track again. Now, I'll actually have relevant information to share pertaining to the title of my blog!

P.S. Babs is 100% better sans stitches and all! She had a bonding session with Oscar last night, and it went very well (supervised, 5 minutes, with me holding them together, in the bathroom). Back to square one but at least I'm trying!


Erin Nicole said...

does jason know about this "crush" of yours? ;)

Rachel said...

of course!