Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On track again--Prep phase

I've been exercising and eating right again. It feels so good. I've been treating myself to little rewards--books about triathlon training, a new cyclocomputer, etc. It's awesome. I feel so good. I'm out of shape, but I don't think it will take long to bounce back.
I got up early to get in the pool this morning. The water was freezing! After I warmed up, it was okay, but it's hard to jump into cold water first thing in the morning. Also, everyone was a super-awesome swimmer so I felt like crap, plodding along, working on my stroke. It's not like the pool at the Y where I used to swim, where people can barely float. It didn't help that the Wash. U. swim team was practicing next to me. They were doing racing dives. Those are soooo cool. I just want to do them over and over. I love how you fly over the surface of the water.
Last night, I biked around the park. It was really fun. The only thing is that a bunch of people were in my way. A lot of people bike at a really slow pace. Some are commuting home so I can understand being tired at the end of the day. But I'm trying to get a workout over here! It wasn't that big of a deal. However, it is annoying when joggers use the bike path when there's a special, packed gravel path (which is softer on your joints) adjacent to the bike path!!! Argh! Okay, biggest pet peeve? Three women plodding along abreast on a narrow, two-lane bike path (again, pedestrian path right there), taking up BOTH lanes. I shouted "ON YOUR LEFT!" and they just waved at me and didn't move. As if to say, "thanks for letting us know you're there but we don't give a shit." Oh, other biggest pet peeve? When I'm trying to bike straight across an intersection on a green light, and oncoming car(s) (Note: plural) decide to turn left INTO me!!! I had to skid to a halt, clip out, and put my foot down...hard. Bastards.
I had so much energy last night, that I threw in an extra Yoga/weight lifting session just for fun. It was great to do exercises I wanted without feeling like I had to.
This is good. I feel a lot better. I biked on the trainer while watching Desperate Housewives on Sunday, ran on the treadmill and weight-lifted on Monday (while some creepy guy told me this crazy conspiracy theory about "rogue medical students" breaking into his apartment and taking DNA samples from his skin while he sleeps; he lives in my apartment complex; great--I told him he should complain to management. hee hee), biked and worked out last night, and then swam this morning.
Right now, I'm trying to do short, frequent workouts to get my body used to training again. I'm keeping them fun and aerobic. That's my new motto: Turn up the frequency! After a few weeks of Prep phase, I'll move into Base phase, where I'll work on my aerobic endurance. This will last awhile as it is most important to triathlon. So motto number 2 is: Build your base. Motto number 3? Little and often.
Now if I could only sleep at night.


Chris said...

Good for you! Exercising AND eating right. Man, I wish that I had that kind of discipline (at least the eating right part). I rode 30 miles yesterday evening, was feeling great, and then went home and ate until I was stuffed.

Speaking of triathlon training, if you don't mind, I have a question for you. I have been cycling for about 6 years now, done many sanctioned races as a CAT 4 racer, conquered the century ride, etc. I am no expert by any means, but I have accomplished most of what I wanted to accomplish in cycling. Now, I want to do a triathlon. What advice can you give me? The part that worries me the most is the swimming and the transition. Any advice would be appreciated.

By the way, I hate it too when cars completely disregard the fact that us cyclists are even on the road and have the right to be there.


Rachel said...

Since biking is the longest leg of triathlon, coming from a strong biking background is an advantage. Most triathletes are not very good swimmers so don't be afraid that everyone else will be zipping past you. The transition isn't a big deal either. You can practice beforehand to make sure things will go smoothly. And on race-day, just take your time and don't rush--you'll go more quickly this way. Find a local pool and start swimming for practice. It's hard, but don't give up! Take some private swim lessons or join a Master's swim class. The triathlon season is about over so by the time next season begins (April or May), you'll be more than ready for your first sprint. Spints are really short--usually about 10 laps in a pool, 13-20 miles on a bike, and a 3-5 mile run. Hope this helps! Good luck.

Mon said...

I move out of the bikers way even on the towpath...I'm a considerate walker lol. I think its nice that they let you know their coming so they dont plow you and your dog over so I move for em!

Rachel said...

Good for you, Mon! I wouldn't curse at you when as I passed. ;)