Monday, September 19, 2005


I did basically nothing this weekend, intending to do everything. Hence, depression. Out of my routine. Napping during the day, not sleeping at night. Eating crap, not exercising. The basics. I feel guilty for treating my body like a garbage can. Guilty for not being in lab. Guilty for not writing my thesis. Guilty for not enjoying the nice weather. I'm trying so hard to get into a routine that will guarantee my sense of security and accomplishment (and therefore, happiness). Why is it SO hard?


Chris said...

I understand how you feel. Sometimes it is just hard to get/stay motivated. Don't be so hard on yourself though. Before you know it, everything will be back on track and life will be good again.

Keep your chin up!

Mon said...

I dont get why it is so hard. I'm the same way. Any deviation from routine, it takes me weeks to get back on track. If you figure that out, post it! lol!