Thursday, September 01, 2005

my body is rebelling

Okay, I don't know what's going on. Ever since I've moved into my new apartment, things have been going haywire. First, Babs almost was gutted by Oscar. Then, I almost give myself a concussion by hitting my head like an idiot on the wall. Then, I just about hit the floor and pass out at the vet's. What next? Well, last night, I couldn't sleep, and I noticed I was a little itchy. I'm very prone to mosquito bites so I just thought there were some in the apartment, and I had some new bites. Then, more and more began to crop up after I went to bed. I itched all night and slept like crap. I thought maybe the apartment had fleas or something. I woke up with bumpy, red, very itchy welts all over my body--my legs, arms, ass, ear, etc. I called the doctor and they said to come in right away. As I walked into the office, more and more itchy welts began to appear--elbows, belly button, spine...then my inner ears and throat began to itch. Apparently, I may have developed a food allergy to something. Possibly shrimp. I've eaten shrimp all my life but apparently, your body can decide "Nuhn-uh..No more." Okay, whatever. Fine. No more shrimp. I feel like my body is rebelling.

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Kevin said...

wow...the craziness. I cant believe you have had so much happen in what was already a busy schedule for you.

Hang in there!!