Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Squeezing in a Swim

First off, I've begun officially doing Yoga again! Our school has a Yoga instructor so I asked if she would be willing to give me a private session after school Monday nights, and she said Yes! What a great way to finish a Monday! I had forgotten how wonderful Yoga feels for the whole body and mind.

This morning, I was supposed to wake up early to go for a swim. The plan was to wake up at 5 am, do my hour commute first, swim up in Mission Viejo (where I work), and then shower, change and go into work. I get home so late, and my planning for the next day takes so long, that I'm lucky to be in bed, lights out by 11:30 each night. I can skimp on sleep twice a week to wake up early but after that, I start to fall apart. There was no way I could get up when the alarm went off at 5. I readily traded the extra 1.5 hours of sleep and moved my workout to the evening.

All day, I was itching for my swim. As soon as my last class was out, I ran out the door and headed down the street to the Mission Viejo Rec Center (http://cityofmissionviejo.org/DepartmentPage.aspx?id=12474) for a swim. $8 to drop in, and the pool is open from 5 am until 8:45 pm. Nice hours! I got to the locker room and realize I had forgotten my cap, goggles, and suit. Doh! My heart sank. I dug around to the bottom of my bag and found a bikini and an old pair of goggles. I could make that work. I had a hard time tying up my hair so I didn't choke on it, and my goggles kept sliding down my head, cutting into my ears, but I made it work. I was going to swim, dammit!

It felt soooo good to jump into the water after a long day of work. So convenient too! Maybe it was the bikini, but the lifeguard, a cute, little teenage boy, kept chatting me up every time I rested on the wall. Questions like, "I haven't seen you here before. How often do you swim here?" It was kind of adoreable and definitely flattering but also a little creepy considering he was the same age as most of my students! I banged out 2400 very slow meters and spent 5 minutes in the hot tub with the jets massaging my sore lower back.

My New Years' resolutions continue to be a success. I love how it's all centered around 1 word: Balance. I've been drinking more water, eating in more, brown bagging lunch, and eating much more healthfully as a result too (not to mention saving a ton of moolah by not eating out). My body is thanking me. I have more energy, and my attitude is very positive. Go Me!

Today's workout:
200 free warm up
3x150 (50 breast-50 free-50 back)
500 free
3x200 free
5x100 free
100 cool down


Diana said...

It's a great feeling when the body and mind are strong!
Nice job on the swim....I've got a few cute, but oh so young, lifeguards at my pool as well!

Christi said...

Go You indeed!! I love your word for the year. My word is BELIEVE!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Yoga is one of those things I love but never seem to make time for! Good job on sticking to it!

Wes said...

way to squeezer in the swim! wth? everybody needs a little youthful influence/exhuberance, eh?

Svip said...

Yoga, I find that a little too calm for me!

Just a small question: how you make for better eating? Me, with the sport I am more and more hungry and I do not manage to eat heathly… it is surely a question of will (and I do not have any much with regard to the food!)

Svip from Belgium ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great session. LOL on the cute teenage boy chatting you up. Still gotta feel nice to have the compliments :)

KIki said...

New to your blog, love the sense of fellowship. I will drag weary self to gym tonight and DO THAT RUN!

Do you have a RSS feed?

Thanks for the inspiration, Kiki

Toenee62 said...

Great Blog. Balance is the perfect description when training for an Ironman. Thank you for reminding me. Cheers. Toni

"Bora" Bill said...

thanks for the heads up on Mission Viejo swim location. I work in Irvine and plan to do more of my swims near home, but I might look into this option as a backup.

Keep up the good work!


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david benoit said...

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