Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year's Resolutions Underway!

Today is Day 4 of implementing my New Year's resolutions. So far, it's going swimmingly (no pun intended). I've been more balanced, eating healthier, and working out every day. I feel more organized. more positive, and more energetic, despite my sinus infection.

This morning, I was able to successfully wake up at 5:30 am, and I am NOT a morning person! Not to mention that I slept like crap because I can't breathe through my nose. Ugh. Travis was surprised when I woke up and asked, "Run?" Despite his sleepiness, he couldn't resist the three-letter word. His excitment helped me follow as he bounded out of bed. He watched impatiently as I put on my running clothes (I couldn't find my damn cold-weather running tights! Grrr.) and fumbled around for my headlamp. Ick. It was still dark out.

Undeterred, we headed out into the early morning blackness. I braced myself against the cold. Travis didn't seem to mind at all. He seemed to keep up a lot better with me this time. I guess dogs build fitness too. My stomach was churning from the antibiotics for my sinus infection but I ran on. I carefully listened to my body, however, slowing my pace and walking the tough hills, guilt-free. I was just happy to be out of bed and mustering a run, no matter how slowly. Around the turn-around point, the burning in my stomach turned to nausea, and I was forced to walk. I remained totally positive. I felt very alive, and my sinuses had completely opened up. I ran whenever I could and walked when I had to.

My early morning workout paved the way for a successful day. I felt chipper and energetic all day, much to the annoyance of my co-workers. Tomorrow's workout? Hopefully, a bike on the trainer. The bike is all hooked up, the DVD is in the player, and my clothes are laid out. No excuses!


Anonymous said...

Well done on the early morning run. It sounds like it was a success :)

I recently stumbled upon your blog and am very much enjoying it.

Diana said...

I love early morning runs, but the dark freaks me out. Just don't like not being able to see completely what I'm putting my feet into!
Great way to open up the sinuses..if only everyone actually got up and did something instead of mustering around in bed when they feel the slightest illness, they'd all feel better! Way to get out there and make it work for you!

Christi said...

Great job!

Rinsie and Reveille said...

Wow -- go you! This is actually hugely inspiring to me; I need to get on with it, fitness-wise, and this makes me think that the corgis would probably appreciate a walk/run in the morning beyond what we already do. Hmmm! :)

Svip said...

Sorry for my english but I'm french speaker ;-)
I just want to say : go go go! and I hope that year 2012 will be better for you.

Your blog is very good. Thanks!

Fizzgig said...

i so want to condition my dog to run with me but the shih poo is not built for distance or speed lol

good for you getting up so early. i wish i could get up and get my running out of the way first thing, then i wouldnt go through the battle with my mind i have every day around lunch time when I go. Id have already done it!

Peter Mc Convill said...

Well done all round. New years resolutions are much easier here in Australia - the first couple of weeks are usually still a bit of a holiday period and of course its summer.

My new years training regime kicks off in earnest on 15 Jan, I hope I can match your start.

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