Friday, March 02, 2007

Work vs. Triathlon--Can We Say Stressed?

This week has not gone as planned. Work has been kicking my ass. I feel like I just can't balance work with triathlon as well as I would have liked. Lab just sucked it out of me this week. One of my colleagues is leaving, and I'm taking over his stuff, which is a mixed blessing. I'm completely overwhelmed but I get a quantum-leap jump start on my research, which will be wonderful 6 months from now. Anyway, lab has been ultra-stressful, and, instead of feeling productive in lab at the expense of training, I just feel drained. However, unfortunately, I don't feel like I've accomplished anything in lab this week. I know I have but it's all intangible, planning this and that, learning this, etc. It's been go, go, go, meeting, meeting, seminar, meeting, get yelled at by the P.I., criticism from this person, pressure from that person. All of a sudden it's 5 pm, and I'm shaking from being yelled at all day and not having eaten since breakfast. And then I have to rush to a 6 pm class that lasts 3 hours, completely ruining my entire evening. I can't wait for things to begin to settle down into a routine (even if it's hectic).

Anyway, by the time I was completely wrung out and hung to dry from work, all I could was stuff candy bars down my throat before collapsing in the bed. I don't remember being this stressed out for a looong time (okay, graduate school; not that long ago). At first, I felt even more stressed out that I didn't get a workout in. However, after much reflection, I think this week is going to end up for the best workout-wise.

Monday was a much-needed rest day and massage. Tuesday was a really tough masters swim class. Wednesday was a great, relaxing run. Thursday and Friday went downhill and were unplanned rest days. Okay so I'll be behind on my workouts for the week. I'll still get in a nice long bike on Saturday and long run on Sunday, maybe even a swim and some weights, if I feel up to it. To be honest, after the last 3 weeks of solid training, and increasing volume, this week should be an R&R week. I was pushing it to expect it to be anything else. So maybe this will allow my body to completely heal from the last 3 weeks.

Next week, I plan on pushing it. My final week of training before entering my 3 week taper. Then....race day. I can't believe how close it is! I'm so excited! These last 20 weeks have just flown. 20 weeks. Can you believe it? I've put in 20 weeks of solid training. I feel strong. I feel confident. I know I can do the distance, something I didn't believe before. My body is an amazing machine that can do things I still can't wrap my mind around. So I think I can be a little forgiving on a few stressful days in lab and some candy bars, eh?


JeffM said...

"So I think I can be a little forgiving on a few stressful days in lab and some candy bars, eh?"- yes you can, it's been an amazing 20 weeks as your graphs show!!
Already March, almost time, you're going to do great!

Habeela said...

3 weeks until your first race? Already?! Wow! It's going to be a great race!

Jodi said...

You'll do great! Despite all the stress, aren't you excited that the race is coming up? Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.



Triteacher said...

Oh my! Must have been something in the air this week; I screwed up too. But now I feel like you - super-motivated to get back on track and stay on track. Good luck!

Cliff said...

Rachel..good stuff.

All your training has been just rest up for the big day.

As for work and all..hey i know how u feel..even i resign my job last Wed..i still got lots of stress....when life stress goes scale down.

Bolder said...

work-life balance is an acquired art form, not science!

i feel your struggle!!

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